Hiya from the Netherlands, l700 k3-vet swap incoming

Hi there, Ever since I’ve had my drivers license I have driven in l700 cuores, It was my first car that I bought from a good friend of mine. It had been through some shit so when I saw an ad for the same colour l700 I decided to buy it. This time with a body kit already installed

While my car looked badass, the inside was a little less impressive. So I decided it was time for a K3-VET swap.

I basically have all the parts needed except for a flywheel and clutch kit.
I’m using the subframe off of a 1.0 sirion (I ended up thinking it’s the exact same subframe as the l700 uses but not a 100% sure)
I’m using the transmission off a 1.3 sirion
and the k3vet off a Yrv 1.3
My knowledge of cars is minimal so this is a real challenge for me and I basically have to do everything by google.
So if you guys have any tips I’d really appreciate it.
That’s all for now , ask my anything if you want to.
Will make a new post in a different category to keep you updated with the swap.




I also ordered and soldered the DIY-EFI CORE4 ECU MODULE – SPEEDUINO COMPATIBLE to replace the computer of the car. I however have 0 experience in this and only bought it because my older brother told me i needed it. I’m hoping to find more information about this on this forum. If you know anything about it and want to help me out. please let me know

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welcome looks like a good challenging project you have there. I have never done the swap so i cannot advise. there should be some good info in the forum for what you need swap wise as it is a common swap, For the speeduino however you may be better looking into the speeduino forums etc for better information.

Welcome great looking Dai. I have done just the K3VE swap and it was well worth it. I think the M100 Sirion sub frame is wider than L700, it was long ago I did this. Control arms are certainly wider. Looking forward to hearing how this goes