How do I change the Parking Lights bulbs on a Sirio 2006 model 1.3i?

Howdy guys. I live in Cape Town, South Africa.
How do I change the Parking light bulbs??

Welcome Hugo. Wow, a 2006. 2005 was about the last year model we see here as that was the year Daihatsu stopped selling here and even then they are rare. Perhaps someone in Europe can help?

Hi welcome to the forum, South Africa is a new one for us.

Introduce yourself in the welcome thread, post a picture or two and you will gain access to the workshop manuals, I just checked the M300 manual and it has the answers you seek

Not completely sure what you main with parking lights, but the manual should be here to download. (I uploaded it myself :slight_smile: )
M300 is not dat difficult to change the lights on, like most Daihatsu 's rear lights is two bold per side, frond is accessible from the engine bay.

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