How easy to remover fuel tank l700

Hello guys! Just wondered how straight forward it is to remove the fuel tank? I need to fit a new pump or at least check it, so any help would me much appreciated. Car is an L700 Cuore

Never done an L700 one but I have done move, Mira and L251 should be as easy as have the least amount of fuel in it as possible, undo the wiring plug should be inside the passenger side in front of the rear seat. You may remove the bottom part of the rear seat if it’s easier. Then jack the car up and get under to remove all the fuel hose’s. Because ejde is a returnless fuel system it should be one hose to the fuel pump, a breather hose, and the filler hose. There may be more I’m not sure. and it should be held in by 4 bolts at a good guess.

That is roughly what it takes there maybe some variants put its pretty easy.


Thank you!! I will give this a go! Much appreciated!

From the manual it is page BO-51 + BO-52 (and BO-53 below as a late edit);


Thank you very much!!

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I should add the tank installation page as well just in case someone needs it - BO-53;

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