How it began - my 1992 G100s

Hi All,
It took me a bit of time to finally start my own thread, but here it is - 2 of my G100 Charades (does it mean I own G200 now?).

So, in December 2017 my daily broke down, and I needed a car BADLY. I was on a tight budget, so didn’t have too much to choose from.
I found this orange guy just a few blocks away from my house, so went to check it out.

It burnt a lot of oil, smoked a bit (didn’t notice it as wasn’t allowed to actually test drive it), looked kinda fine, but was orange, and I knew that sills and rear arches aren’t made of metal.
Previous owner bought it as a first car for his son and painted it orange with a brush to make it more visible on the road.
It was a pretty good deal anyway, I paid around €300, it had insurance and inspection for next 10 months and was actually driving! Also, I got 2 sets of wheels with almost new tyres.
I just drove it for almost a year and had fun with - didn’t have to do much besides filling up with oil + a brake change. I gave it to my gf for a week and got it with no brakes at all…

So I bought a set of new ATE disks and pads, as well as Applesauce calipers with a set of rubbers to refurbish them.

Anyway, this guy made me fall in love with Dais.
In the meanwhile, a wild Cuore appeared for a brief moment:

Then, as Charade ended its life, I bought another daily:

Which didn’t like living with me:

So I was for a hunt for another daily, and I knew I wanted a Charade. I found this little fella few blocks away, again, in the same neighbourhood:

Wasn’t looking the best, but had just passed 75kkms on the clock and was working ‘like a charm’. I got it for around €250 and got mysefl an early Christmas gift in early December 2018.
Fun fact - it was sold from first owner to a pizza place to be a delivery car with 20kkms on the clock. It was in 2010. Then they made around 30kkms in half a year, and they gave it to one of the employees, who delivered pizza with it for a little longer.
Fun fact: It had 3 winter tyres made in 2001, and one factory spare from 1991. It had factory coolant in it, factory brake fluid, tranny fluid etc.
Every part of the interior was ripped, inside smelled awfully, it had no clock, no corner lights, almost no brake pads, no rear wiper, no rear washer, both CVs were dead, tranny had only half the oil needed, even drivers window didn’t roll down. I didn’t know that so many things can be broken in this car!
I changed some plugs, cables, oil, filters - a starter pack and started driving it. I waited around 2 months for welder to take it, but he fixed everything perfectly!

Long story short I made it work - new brakes, all fluids, filters, water pump, new radiator, few coolant flushes, belts, seals - almost everything.

That’s how old spring looked like

I drove it the whole winter on Uniroyal MS plus 77+ 165/65/13 tyres, which was a blast! Very good handling in all conditions.

This is how I drive my daily - transporting e.g. towrope for ‘my other car’ at -25 degrees celsius.

I finally bought some proper wheels for it, but fitted only fronts at first - rear didn’t fit…

What looked very bad:D
I then bent some metal and it fitted:

Then, it was a first time in my life when I had a ‘classic car’ and I made it run so well that I could take care of its looks!

Freshly after first paint correction - it looked so good!
But eventually I had enough time to do one last thing that I wanted to do all this time:

For now, it is my daily driver. It has almost 85kkms on the clock now, and I love all the kilometres that I made in it.
It has:

  • MTS -40mm springs which were then shortened by 2 coils each
  • KYB gas shocks
  • Applesauce front brakes
  • Soft99 wax on the body
    Still got some parts to put on, like new exhaust, (factory one broke in half), cluster with tacho, bucket seats, rear discs etc.
    The plan is to race it next weekend and see what will happen:D

Fantastic story. It is great to hear and understand the road that many take and the evolution of Dai passion. The Charade looks spot on. Something inconspicuous but with nice lines and some sense of purpose. Keep us updated.

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This weekend surely was a test for a little charade.
On Friday, my gf made me go with her to her friend’s birthday, which has been organised in mountains around 120kms away. We took off late as usual, so we had to drive there quickly.
The next morning we woke up late, and has 120kms on the twisty, country roads to do in an hour in order not to be late for a race day. We arrived half an hour late, but it came out we were a bit… early :smiley:
So I did my first competition! Event organisers didn’t do a good job, was just sitting and waiting there for a whole day just to have 2 short, timed laps… It was supposed to be 3 timed laps with one test lap, but whatever - I still got to race a bit:)

Long story short - I wasn’t the last one! My category was up to 1400cc, and I was last but one, because they added up both times (my first one was just a test lap if I can make it and not brake the car, improved over 10 secons in the second lap). When I checked best lap times, I was faster than some Civics and BMWs! Still a lot to be improved tho.

So the next parts to be installed are: bucket seats and smaller steering wheel - already ordered one from Japan, 330mm diameter.
I had some issues with tight 180 deg turns with lots of braking before - my hands slipped on the steering wheel since I have no power steering and have (if remember correctly) 4 full turns from left to right.

The next day I had to work a bit, so just as I departed it started raining… a bit…

Water up to lamps was no biggie for my G100

So I got to work and had to pick something to get it to the office:
So I just packed it up and drove off:)

Summing up, I did around 500kms during the weekend, got lots of different obstacles to handle and still everything is fine! How I love my little car <3


It’s been a while again - but nothing has been really happening in the meantime. I was just daily using my Charade, with normal everyday maintenance.

It was running well, and I had (and still don’t have) any time to even clean the mess in my garage, so I didn’t do any mods.
I have reached 85kkms!

I am driving to work around 5 times a week through twisty mountain road, and Charade seems to be built for it.

The only upgrade I needed at this point were some sportier pads, that would withstand more heat.

But last week, I needed to get home fast. A semi on a mountain road isn’t the fastest thing, so I decided to jump in front of it just before first corners, and… I killed it. I think I over-revved it, and timing belt jumped.
It makes all kinds of clinging noises, and burns oil (makes smoke) when under throttle.

My friend towed me to my garage, and I left it there - four days ago. It seems that I won’t have much time for next few weeks:/
Fortunately, I bought new daily that works (wasn’t supposed to:D), so I can get from A to B, but this is another story.

I’m thinking what to do with those two, as I am short on both time and money. I found another Charade with 1.0 EFi engine for sale nearby, maybe I’ll pick it up for cheap and swap the heart over, as it will be faster and cheaper to do.
Wish me luck! :smiley:


Ok guys - the time has come to reveal my plans! Unfortunately my phone broke, so I dont have too many photos, but…
G112 is here! 4WD system works well, engine is running well, has heaps more power than trusty CB23, has minor rust on the upper body, it’s thrashed on every side (previous owners used to use it as an off road toy and were running it through forests, fields etc. It’s floor has been hit multiple times and was fixed previously, but rather poorly.

Finally, the car is not that bad - I did around 2kkms in it with no bigger issues. The main problem is the head gasket - it uses coolant and overheats. I was thinking about all the stuff that need repairs, sooo…

I got meself this bad boi! Yes, it’s going to be HDE 4WD Charade!
I left both cars with TONS of parts at my mechanic and left it for 3 weeks - I’m on a work trip now.
If everything goes well, I may even have AC in it!
Any ideas if Applesauce AC would fit into g100? Plus the thing I know I will need if it works out - heater pannel with AC button! Its cool AF and the worst thing ever at the same time, because I know I will not find it any quickly;)
I’ll leave you with all the photos I took on my phone now (sorry about quality, LG phones suck!)

Cheers all!


i like the new charade looking forward to what you do with it.