How much is a 1991 Daihatsu Charade 1.3L worth?

Hi! I get my license next week and my grandparents are letting me borrow a their Daihatsu until I buy my own car. However I’m interested in modding it a little for better driving etc. What do you say a reasonable offer would be? Car has 260xxx KM, oil leak, been in a light collision, and has a crunchy gearbox. I’m thinking somewhere around $1000 AUD. What are you thoughts on this? Thank you!


honestly, not that much but they are your grandparents

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They do have another 2 cars there, a Kia and Commodore both in good condition, I honestly dont think they drive the Daihatsu whatsoever.

With kilometres that high it is only really worth the value of any rego left on it plus scrap value.

That would be being generous especially if that gear box goes. Is it an auto or manual?
$800 - $1,800 I would be assessing similar cars in your area but with the oil leak , gear box concerns and panel damage I would be at the low end of that scale from redbook.

This unit is 2K (negotiable), you could offer $1500 and would be far better to work with if it passes NRMA inspection:

$1000 dollars seems about right, although around my neck of the woods complete unlicenced cars seem to be going for that and a little more. The speedway juniors love them and as such people are buying whole cars for panels, bumpers etc and actively hunting them down.