How to install timing belt

Hi I broke my timing belt
Its a charade CX 1984 manual
I need some advice on how to set the timing with the new belt .
Crank pulley has been removed and I just need to install new belt.
Thank u

Did the timing belt break while the engine was running? Is the engine undamaged? Not sure if these engines are non interference or not, I’d say there probably not

I parked the car while it was running normally
I changes the alternator belt and probably had it too tight
I think the timing cover was also installed wrong it was grating on the belt?
Then I started up and just heard a high whining noise.
On removal of cover I saw belt had snapped.

Is there a way I can check if the valves were damaged

You’d have to install the new belt and do a leakdown test or a compression test to see.

Or strip the engine apart but that’s a lot of hassle if the engine isn’t damaged