Howdy from Perth, WA

Hi everybody, long time lurker first time poster here. I bought a G100 Charade on a whim a few months ago, mostly because it was cheap and looked like fun, and I dig cheap/fun/odd cars. It’s the 3cyl model, with an engine rebuilt by the previous owner. I’ve since added extractors and an exhaust (only because the original was covered in bodged repairs), and electronic ignition (CDI). There’s a wealth of knowledge in this forum; I’ve enjoyed reading through the build threads and tech queries, and look forward to contributing in the future. Thanks!


Welcome, we’d love to see pictures of your Dai

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welcome mate sounds like you grabbed a fun car. as Mr G said throw up some pics.

Difficult to get a good shot at the moment, as its marooned in the garage while I rebuild the carburetor. It’s some kind of dealer special “stratos” edition, with a go-fast stripe and matching white hubcaps :stuck_out_tongue:

And here’s a test-fit of some MX-5 ‘daisy’ wheels, which unfortunately do not work. 14x5.5, +45, but the center bore is too small. Shame, as I love the “minilite” look, and they were super cheap.


Hi mate, AJ Machining in Kelmscott could probably machine the centre bores on the rims to fit onto your hub if there’s enough meat there. I don’t work for the place, but it’s my friends partners business, she’s on fb if you want to ask for a quote. Further north my boss has used Embleton Engineering for similar things, he’s an old school guy based in Myaree.


Hey, thanks for the recommendations! I’ll get a quote for machine work before I sell off the wheels. Just got to re-measure and determine exactly how much bigger the centers need to be.

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nice charade, does it still have the Stratos seats they came with?

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