Howdy from SA L700

Hi All. I figured I’d start here and introduce myself and my L700 daily.

It was originally bought fairly stock with the intention of not modifying it and using it to teach my younger sister to drive in… safe to say that didn’t last.

I also run AMC Production. You can find various Daihatsu related videos from the local meets along with other automotive related content I film and edit at the inks below.

Youtube Channel:


Welcome, this looks So Good, Love the Wang :heart_eyes:

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Welcome mate agreed wing it freakig epic.

cheers guys. I custom made it from a Rally wing. My first time doing any body work like that but i am please with how it came out

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another angle

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Love the wing! Really different and great work :slight_smile:

I also watched that japan video you had :slight_smile: Great content but work on your editing, felt that some shots dragged on.

Keep it up!

cheers for the feedback @church, if you’re talking about the Daikoku one or the Kei trucks there was zero editing involved. :no_mouth: Just slapped the few random clips i took on the day and uploaded.

check out my Stagea video for one i actually did any editing on

Yay :slight_smile: I like that ending shot :wink:

Keep up the good work

Hi welcome and the car looks good :wink:

yeah works well. hopefully i can find the opportunity to film a feature video of some Daihatsu’s soon.

thank you @welby it is a great daily :smiley:

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Hi welcome i have seen some ouf your stuff on the net and your car and I remember the post about the cut and shut on the wing.
I will check out your youtube channel when i get a chance and just had a look at amc very cool

been a while but thought i should post again. I have been organising monthly meets for SA people with daihatsu and other small/kei cars.

i will try and post up a link to each meet event along with details in the appropriate section.


Should update my thread as well. the little L700 now had a big f#ck off lightbar in preparation for my trip over to KI soon. pics soon

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Here’s the latest, this Sunday