Hi all
Thanks for the add, I’m here to help keep my stepdaughters Pyzar on the road as best as possible as parts for them are getting harder to come by but have found out that some Charade G200 series parts are shared.
So my aim if ok is to pick your brains, knowledge and experience with maybe a little physical help to sort out certain things that I lack that that specific experience in ie do certain charade parts I’m after also fit the pyzar.


Welcome! Do you have some pictures for us? What are you planning on repairing?

Hi Mophius
Been enquiring about strut mounts and bearings if suitable from charade to pyzar which from a couple of answers now seem to be the same part on each car so I can use the charade front strut mounts and bearings on the Pyzar. Couldn’t find Pyzar ones anywhere but charade were available. Thank god for Daihatsu using common parts throughout a range of their cars.

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