I have seen the light at 50 years old!

After 30+ years of playing with cars, I have finally found enjoyment in a car. My little L500 gives me what I need. Joy and appreciation of these great little cars. I am still learning at 50 but am enjoying the fellow Daihatsu enthusiasts advice and willingness to share knowledge, and the simple gesture of a wave when passing another Daihatsu driver. Enjoy a few photos’ of my L500.


Nice L500, i am like you at 52 and the enjoyment i get driving my L200 always puts a smile on my face :slight_smile:


Welcome, that is so great to hear. I am almost there myself and have had much great pleasure driving dias and love that us more distinguished automotive enthusiasts love them. That looks like a great L500 with the efgl twin cam engine you have there :slight_smile:
Very nice example indeed.

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Awesome :smiley: These cars are great, such a small fun cheap little car.
The community is one of the best also.

Glad you’re here :slight_smile:

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I feel young around here now at 43 hahaha.