Idle drops too low before stabilizing

As per title: when decelerating/braking for 1st/2nd gear corners, upon operating the clutch, my EJ-VE revs dip to a point where the engine violently shudders before picking back up and becoming smooth again.

The same happens when I’m parked idling with load on the alternator (lights, radio, heater fan) and the radiator fan kicks in; idle dips, engine shudders for a bit, then it picks back up.

Idk what kind of idle control this car has, but can it be out of whack? Hope to hear from yall!

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I guess you can’t answer this one yet since you were looking for a rev counter but; at what rpm is it idling?

Idle speed should be 850rpm which is very shaky on this engine in general. Mine runs often around 1100 which feels good. Any electrical load will lower it though.

Idle control is actually electronic with the use of a MAP sensor on the throttle body and a temp sensor on the opposite side.

Mine had a hunting problem when I bought it which was due to the throttle body manifold gasket leaking. So false air can also mess with the idle speed. It sounds a bit like your problem where it will just almost die at idle and pick back up. You can check for false air by spraying some brake clean along the intake (after the MAP sensor of course) and see if the revs go up.

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If that doesen’t help, spraying throttle body cleaner might. Doing so once in a while is proper preventative maintennce