Ignition Upgrade and What is Igniter Module?Help me!

Hello everyone. You know some of Daihatsu K3 engines have ignition modules(EU spec) but this module have not Asia and Australia Spec K3 engines. I want to try some upgrade in my YRV Turbo’s ignition system. i want to use Honda K20/K24 ignition coils. People can directly using K20 coils in Asia because of non module. How can i make it anyone is know that?
I’m searching this for hours. Our cars equipped with “Ion current combustion control system”. This module including that system also. This system detecting misfires as i understand. i could not understand why this is needed or why that have not in Asia spec. I looked for wiring diagrams and i learned how can i bypass ignition module. Just I’m not sure for one thing. If i bypass “Ion current combustion control system” i mean this system’s leave blank cable connections(i planned how can i make this) then i don’t know cause will which problems.

My understanding of ion combustion control (which may or may not be correct) is that it is the modern replacement for knock sensors.
So I’d assume if you disable it your ecu won’t know when to adjust the ignition timing to prevent detonation.

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your current system is awesome
what are you thinking youre upgrading?

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Thank you for your replies. I’m thinking upgrade because my cars some misfiring and hard to find and expensive YRV coils in my country. I read K20 coils providing better ignition and available in my country because of that i thought upgrade. I’m searching still.