I'm finally on the forum

Hellow Dai guys, I finally made an account on the forum and thought I’d make a post for those who don’t already know me.

My name’s Graeme and I’m from the northside of Brisbane, australia. I’ve been playing with daihatsu’s now since 2014 and have owned and driven a large variety of daihatsu’s in my time. My Dai count so far is: 2x l80 handi’s, 3x l601s move’s, 1x g100 2door (3cyl) 2x g200 4 doors (1x 3cyl 1x 4 cyl) and my current Dai which I recently picked up, a 1997 g203 black F2 charade.

I have tonnes of knowledge on Mira chassis, move chassis and some knowledge on g2 charade chassis! So if you need to know anything just ask me!

Now that I am starting my new build with my F2 I will try post A detailed build thread of all the mods and upgrades I’ll be doing to the F2 and sharing freely all information on my build.

Hope you guys enjoy!


welcome Greame. It’s about bloody time mate lol. Is that kev’s old f2 that you got?

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Welcome. That’s quite a herd.

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Welcome. I’m looking forward to at least a thread of yours describing your 601s, in particular

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Hello there stranger. An F2 ey. Awesome :smiley: Look forward to it

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Unfortunately I don’t have the move anymore