Hi all,
Been watching this place for a while now. Just wanted to introduce my self.
I am in Melbourne and bought a little cuore a few months ago and been working on it like crazy with new mount, fluids, plugs, tinting ect.

Best car I have ever owned by far.
Was wondering, has anyone bought a whole car from Malaysia ?
I would like to do my own work on up grades but there are some great cars there already. I am looking at a L700 TR or a preodua kelsia ( which I am hoping is just a 4 door Daihatsu Cuore on steroids)
I know the mcm guys had trouble with there Mira but surly it would be less of an issue with a car not ever brought to aus ? Not sure where to start to find the legal stuff for it.
Any help would be great.


Welcome to LiveToDai. You sould post your first thread in ALL NEW PEOPLE, but you did post already, so never mind.

As for one of your questions, yes, Preodua Kelsia is the Daihatsu Cuore of Malaysia . I do not know details. But you can import parts from Malaysia, like led tail lights, engine parts for mods and stuff. I know I would do it if there was a model for my Sirion M100 in Malaysia!

Anyway, again, welcome and have a nice stay! :grin:


pretty sure the Kelisa is like the Kancil, ie produced under licence by Perodua of Malaysia, using the L700 platform. Most parts seem to swap between the two. As to importing whole vehicles, unsure about that, might be best to ask Jesse Streeter or Import Monkey. Malaysia seems to be a major place for JDM halfcuts of Daihatsu’s so that could be another option :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


I was thinking about the half casts as well but there is a lot of cool interior upgrades that I would l like.


might be able to graft a halfcut into it ? Just take the firewall,dash and complete front end.
Would be able to unpick spot weld and do it properly, I would assume you just need an engineers report to make it road legal in Australia
Or be naughty and swap tags and numbers over :slight_smile: done properly you would be hard pressed to see it

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There seems to be no other thread pointing to importing. Therefore, I’ll chance this one regarding rescuing our vehicle brand from the Fukoshima exclusion zone. Vehicles under a given becarel threshhold could legally get exported, according to the following video: The abandoned Sports & JDM cars of the Fukushima Exclusion Zone - YouTube
It’s claimed that radioactivity alters the qualities of material, including metal. If these vehicles will get destroyed and subsequently recycled, how do they plan on de-contaminating these materials?
There are Daihatsus, in the video, of which appear to be in near new condition, including one pre-1984 Cuore.
If only the Japanese authorities would make provisions for export at your own risk rescue, these vehicles would reduce their own radioactive levels with time passing?