Injector info (please add more)

So I was hunting around in different places online and went on to the old daihard forums. I found some injector info that maybe useful. A long time ago I got permission to grab info. That was for daiforum and though we have upgraded to this forum and old daiforum will eventually go. I figure that this is ok. If not anyone from daihard is welcome to let me know if it’s not ok and I will remove what has been shared.

The purpose of this post is to help anyone wondering what flow rates of some injector’s are and what maybe of use for what you need for your daihatsu build’s.

Here is some of what was found.


the orange ones are from a hijet truck (no idea what sort) and the grey ones are from a charade. As a reference too appaerntly the green charade injectors are 160cc in comparison to the grey ones that are 190cc.

next is these ones apparently from a 1L sirion. As a side note when I did my first 660cc/850cc conversion in a mira I used 1990’s camry injectors which are about 220cc also and did not need a fuel reg but they did run rich. So sirion ones would be about the same but would have to bend the fuel rail to make them fit as they are shorter than mira/move ones.

and just for info of more injectors that may be of use is some rx8 primary injector’s (231hp) rotary

1990’s mx5 injectors.


Nice work. But should this be in the wiki section?

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Yes if it’s in the wiki it can be edited by others

didnt think it should as it really isnt all dai injector’s just a bit of a knowledge bank but if everyone thinks it should be there then I can move it? Consensus?