Installing a tow bar on a L700

I wanted a tow bar on my car, but i couldn’t find any info on how to install it.
Because it’s a bit tricky i decided to make a tutorial in case anyone else would want to install one.

The tools you’ll need:
~ A cordless drill
~ A step drill that can drill a 18mm hole or a 18mm drill bit
~ A 10mm and 13mm drill bits
~ 17mm and 19mm sockets
~ 17mm and 19mm spanners
~ A way to test if the tow bar loom is connected correctly (i used a special tool)

The parts you’ll need:
~ The complete tow bar assembly including the bolts, plates and spacers
~ The loom
~ Zip ties
~ Vaseline or dielectric grease

Step 1
There are 3 holes pre-drilled.
Use those holes to drill into the inner layer of the spare wheel well (the spare wheel well consists of 2 layers of sheet metal). Use the 10mm drill for the outer bracket and the 13mm for the 2 inner brackets.
As you can see there are 5 holes in line, the 2 outer holes and the center hole are not used for the towbar.

Step 2
Enlarge the 3 holes made in the inside of the car to 18mm. But DO NOT enlarge the holes underneath the car!!!
And insert the spacers into the newly made holes.

Step 3
Mount the tow bar fully in order to be able to drill the 4th mounting hole.
The plate needs to be oriented like shown in the pictures below.
There are also 2 small rectangular spacer with which the tow bar is clamped to the tow hook.

Step 4
Enlarge the 4th hole on the inside of the car. Again DO NOT enlarge the hole underneath the car!!!
Now you can bolt up that side too after inserting the spacer in the hole.

Step 5
Remove the taillights and connect the connectors in between the cars loom and the taillights.
(Sorry, i forgot to take pictures of it).
Before connecting them i stuffed the connectors with vaseline to corrosion and dirt messing up the connections.
I recommend you do it too but with dielectric grease. But vaseline would be fine as well.

If everything is connected up you can zip tie the excess wiring up and away.

Step 6
Test the lighting and tow bar socket.
I used a special tool, but you can also just use a trailer.

A hoist and transmission jack makes this a very easy job.
There’s no need to remove the rear bumper.

Keep in mind that tow bars may vary in design between manufactures.
Mine is a Brink made in the netherlands. And it’s certified.
You’ll also need to check your local regulations if a certification is required.

I hope this is helpful and if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.