Instrument panel

Ive got a question. I got a Cuore l701 from 2000 and i have a standard instrument panel without a rpm clock. I want to swap it for one with a rpm clock . Question is can I just swap them over?

I believe they are plug and play

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Thats what I thought, all the plugs seem to be the same, but will every still work since there is an extra dial? Thanks anyway for the answer, at least we think the same. hahaha.

Yeah it will, I have seen several members with L700’s do the swap.

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Thanks for the answer Dale. Ill take the risk and try it. Now to find out how to change the mileage (km’s) to the mileage (km’s) on my original instruments.

get an old speedo cable and use a drill slowly, will take a while but works

and before you just plug in the new gauge, look where the plug goes, should be words there saying what each pin goes to and make sure they are the same otherwise you let out the smoke

ok thanks great tip. I thought just plug in and voila, but clearly I have to be careful and look out for any words. :slight_smile:
I just had a look at the pictures of the back of the panel, but dont see any words, not on the old one or the new one. Ill wait to see when I get the panel itself and look out for words. :slight_smile:
Again, thanks everyone. Ill let you guys know if it worked.

On older Daihatsu speedometers, the plugs are all different from one another, so that it’s impossible to mistakenly plug a harness into the wrong place. There should be no reason for Daihatsu doing things differently, on later models.
Constructing 2 differnt harnesses for vehicles with or without tachometers would add production expenses

this is true but there would also be differences between models of the same era, see my build thread on a G200 to G201 Detomaso cluster swap.

You’d think that, but apparently it was still profitable to make a cheapskate harness for post facelift L7 models. For things like power mirrors, power windows and fog lights, you had to buy an RTi. All prefacelift L7’s got the same ‘full option’ wiring harness (at least here in the NLD).
Thinking about it, I guess it makes sense since they didn’t sell that many RTi’s compared to STi’s and XTi’s.

To all that are interested, I finally swapped my instrument panel, and except for some improvision, it was a plug and play job and its working great. Did have to change the km dial so that I keep the original amount of kms on the dial. Love the look of the RPM dial going up and down, changed my driving experience. Thanks for all the advice.