Integrated translator

@FrAsErTaG I have noticed something with the integrated translator function.
When I write in German I get a prompt to translate into English, even though I am in Germany and my profile flag is German.
I was wondering if there is any way to correlate the information from either the profile flag or the server you are using with the translator function?
For example, if I access the site from Germany, or from a German profile it will prompt me to translate the text to German. Or if my account has an Australian flag or I access the site from Australia it will prompt me to translate the text into English.

I think it would attract more people from overseas and make it a little less scary for people who don’t speak English but may be searching for information or wish to share their build.

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The translater is based on your computers or phones regional settings, if your OS is English it will translate to English.

This is an experimental feature and all feedback is welcome :slight_smile: