Intercooler and fuel injectors

Hello there,

I have 2 questions.

  1. Can I use K3-VE fuel injectors to my EJ-DE engine without modifing anything?
  2. Can I use an intercooler to my NA engine with my cold intake (without turbo or any other kind of boost), to improve performances?

Thank you.

Intercooler will not do much for an NA engine. When the air is compressed by an turbo or supercharger it heats up, the intercooler helps cool the compressed air down to closer to ambient air temps by passing ambient air over it. If you are doing a cold intake your air temp will already be at ambient temperature.
I wouldn’t know about the k3 injectors, someone else might be able to answer that.


The injectors should be fine the ejde has a 72mm bore and a 10:1 compression, the k3ve has 72mm bore and a 10:1 compression the k3ve2 has a 11:1 compression. I think it would be fine either way.

intercooler on a n/a car is useless