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I have spent hours searching online with no luck what so ever I’m wanting to know due to my timing belt letting go the other day is my 1998 850cc mira L501 series a interference or non interference engine .As my 14 year old daughter was learning to drive and was pulling up to curb she clipped it then stopped as she tryed to turn motor over just wound sound like starter or soilnoid not engaging just winding being a manual she tryed to crash it rolling down the hill after couple of attempts parked up and electrician friend told me cam not turning belts let go any information would be very much appreciatted i was a exsisting member but had to join again due to loss of password and previous account details .

Hmm, “850cc…L501”? Carb or EFI? I’ve not seen an L501 in Australia with an 850cc. So you are either not in Aus and it is an 850cc efi or you are in Aus with an 850block with efi head or 850cc two valve carb? Okay I’ve not been much help, but I hope clearing up things someone else will know. I’ve no experience with 850cc efi. I’d just put a timing belt back on and do a compression test. If one cyl is down then the head needs to come off.

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Just honestly been the best car I’ve probably ever owned always fly’s through the wof’s or road worthy here in New Zealand . Had a truck turn out into front passengers side backing into a driveway as i was passing along side him so i fixed that at home with matching guard and bonnet grille etc.Swapped out gearbox due to speedo drive in box shitting it self then had another guy smash into rear passengers from a side street so been through a lot but still looks mint .Just always starts and runs like a dream till yesterday :frowning:

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1998 may be L500 Sorry def carbed 5 speed. :slight_smile:

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I have a couple of spare heads to suit if you end up in trouble. Yours for the price of postage. Could send pics if needed, however, I am not back at work for a week.