Introducing my Cuore!


Bought an l251 a month ago and glad I found this forum.
Planning on doing some ‘tuning’ on the dai…just for the sake of it.
I have already sorted the wheels: 6.5 j 15" replica Spoon SW388 ( desmond evo regamasters) on 165 and 175 wide tires.
I have a volvo v70 rear spoiler that I will custom fit on the back, and some DRL aliexpress leds for the frontbumper.

Now a question: I am looking for a lowering kit, only springs no coilovers, for the front. I can’t seem to find them. Is there a workaround? Is there anything else that would fit. Only looking for the front springs…

Looking forward to your replies!




Hi Mette, Welcome. Great looking Cuore. The wheels look great. Some here may roll there eyes at the repetitive advice that I am going to give regarding springs. Do not do anything with the springs unless you know what rate you are going to. The front should be left standard rate (prob between 130-150ft/lb). That means keep the front rate as soft as possible such that it does not bottom out on the roads your frequent. If you increase the front rate it will understeer and it is more likely to suffer from wheel spin. The rear rate you can double the rate or better yet maybe even triple the existing rate (unsure what they might be without measuring them or having them to put in my load cell). Increasing the rear rate will take away understeer and make it more neutral and fun. Going super hard on the rear will not upset the handling but will ride harsh. Some people like big sway bars to dial out understeer. They have there own problems, esp since they couple one side of the car to the other and are added unnecessary weight. The smallest rear adjustable sway bar can be a good thing for track days to give some tuning options. Why soft front and stiff rear? It is front wheel drive. Weight travels diagonally. As much weight as possible needs to be on the front wheels and they need to track the ground. A stiff rear corner will push weight diagonally to the front. If you are picking a rear wheel up in a corner that’s perfect as grip is going to the front. Look at some of the quickest asphalt fwd rally cars and watch the rear wheels. Regards, Gromsby

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Ok Gormsby,

Thanks for the writeup.
So I guess I have to leave it stock…too bad as I would like to lower the front 30mm or so to give it a nicer look/ stance.

My accord Tourer has a lowered frontend and drives so much better than with the original springs…

Thanks, regards, I will keep you guys posted,


If you are just looking for lower than what you have. The L7 struts and springs will fit the front and they are a shorter shock leg than the L251. I am not sure if the rear springs from an L7 would be any lower though.

Oh I almost forgot,.
Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Good idea Mr Evil. The M100 Sirion front strut would be about the same. I would cut a coil out of the rear and bevel the edge.

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Thanks for your input Evil!

So a front shock and spring of an L7 would be a direct fit to the L251? That would be cool…

I also found these:

Would it be possible to fit these on the stock L251 front shocks?
I will not be changing the rear, stock is ok.



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The L7 front shock should be a direct fit. keep your top hat’s just incase they are different. From what I have seen the bolt holes to the hub are the same and the top hat’s "should fit no probs. The distance from the spring seat to the hub is massive on an L251 on comparison to the L7.

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Autostyle springs are trash, try Cobra or VMAXX! They’re both dutch based companies so it should be easy to get them.

These two brands suit L7’s the best in my opinion, so they should improve the ride quality in a similar way for the L251. I know it’s mostly about the looks, but the Cobra springs will lower the car by 40mm as well, have a decent fitment and good ride. Things the Autostyle springs don’t have.
Let me know if you’re interested in a set of Cobra springs, because I actually want to buy the REAR springs only. That way we can share a set of springs.
Keep it up!

(Love the look of the wheels btw)

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Hi all,

Made a small update on the front of my L251. Spot the difference:

It’s just a wrap and can be removed…


I like it :sunglasses:

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My latest upgrade since the et49 7j rims and 175 width tires were rubbing while jumping speed bumps…

It actually works


Did you notice any difference in handling. What you have done will increase the rear rate in a good way.

No differences only the rubbing has gone.
The height is still the same.

Now down to the front forks. Gonna use the lowering springs that I got from Blyatsu or try to buy L701 forks.

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Though the height is the same you have effectively made one coil inactive and therefore the rate will have gone up, even though you may not have noticed any difference.