Introducing myself

Hello everyone, my name is Ricardo, I’m from Chile and have just entered this hobby, bought an L500 Cuore/Mira ED-20 bottom of the range from 1996, it’s my first car but have quite some experience with general mechanics, not cars, but it’s similar so I’m learning heaps.

Of course I want to modify some, that’s why I’m here, have already done some work to it, changed the suspension, front and rear, changed the wheels and tires, changed the exhaust (back to stock, the original was fixed with rebar and wire), planning to change all the gaskets because the engine is leaky, but it runs really well, changed the outer CV joints (they were completely busted).

Interiorwise, I installed central locking, power windows, an alarm, etc…

Had to fabricate some parts too, the boot/trunk cover was completely destroyed and “fixed” with a bamboo stick :rofl:, made a new one with spaces for new speakers.

Things I’m looking to install are A/C and power steering, willing to import the parts if necessary.

I have done almost everything following a L700 service manual I found online, but recently I found an L500 but it’s in German, I understand it but I’m not familiar with car terminology so most of the time is guess work.

I’m mainly here to ask for a little bit of help and to learn from this awesome community (from what I have already seen).

So my first question, where can I find all the rubber front suspension/steering parts?

Best regards and thank you all!!


Hi Mankeke,
Thankyou for a great introduction, Looks like you have got yourself a bit of a project here. We have another member on here from Chile also and other’s from many other places in the world. Most of us are Australian. You should bea bale to access the manuals sections soon and we have a wide variety of manuals there for member’s to be able to download to help out. We have some in German but most are in english.
I would suggest that maybe start a build thread in the Dai Street Life section under the Projects and builds section. It is s really good place where you can keep a log of your progress with the car and pictures are easy to put up also. It also helps us to get to know where your at and see your build log. We all love reading and seeing each others build logs. Also you can throw up questions to your specific build in there and people who are following are usually more than happy to make suggestions’s. Or feel free to ask questions in the Questions and answer’s section too if you prefer.
Also I’m sure we would all love to see a pic of your L500. So please put up a pic when you can. :slight_smile:

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Hello Mankeke, good luck with your l500 project as evilhighway says, you should make a build thread so everyone can appreciate your efforts in nursing another Daihatsu back to health. :wink:

Welcome to, looking very forward to seeing photos of your build :+1:

Sorry, but I can not stand it… this is a mankeke :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::innocent::innocent::innocent:


Point aside, welcome to the forum. you arrived without a doubt at the best daihatsu knowledge base that exists. The guys here have helped me a lot to solve and advance the development of the car.

Just missing some pictures of your car!


Welcome. What are you hoping to do with the car? Just street?

Thank you all for your comments, been really busy fixing the car I want to drive it really bad so I haven’t given myself the time to reply here, I’m going to post a build thread soon as recommended, photos are coming too.

Yes the nickname comes from my last name and the cupcake, it’s pretty old but still in use.

As for the use of the car it will be mostly street, but I would really love to go to the track a little bit to learn how to drive better in a safe environment.

So see you all in the build thread thanks for everything!
Best regards