Introduction L700 Gino (K3VET)

Hi My name is Munib, I’m from Merrylands, NSW.
3rd Year Apprentice Mechanic for Toyota and i own a Daihatsu Cuore/Handi that’s Converted into a Mira Gino that came with a K3VE2 originally, Absolutely love that Engine and daily drove it for my FIrst and Second Year as a Apprentice :slight_smile: its now off the roads cause the stem seals are getting heaps smoky and hopefully I’ll be swapping a K3VET into her soon…


Welcome to the forum, looking forward to seeing your car :slight_smile:

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Good evening everyone, whether you’re new or not, Welcome to the forums

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Welcome aboard.

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Welcome, Munib sounds like you have a fun dai there mate. should be fun with a k3vet. :slight_smile:

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@evilhighway @Mr_Gormsby @Mokeman @SIR.RION
Cheers Guys absolutely appreciate it.
I will be posting pics soon atm its nothing fancy quite petina like in its current form.

But regardless I’ll drop some photos of my Engines and the L700 Roller as well :slight_smile:

Also my K3VE2 is for Sale as i no longer really have a need for it….