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Hey guys, names Jared. I’ve recently purchased an 04 charade that had been written off with the sole intention of using it as a paddock basher… But my curiosity has gotten the better of me and I’m thinking about using it as a cheap fun track car. I’m in nsw, Aus. Wondering if anyone tracks their charade, what events you participate in, and how to go about getting into it. Still all hypothetical so far but it is a fun little rocket and I’d like to think itd be a cheap alternative to get into motorsports.


Hi! You might have to be a bit more specific as to whereabouts in NSW you live, it’sa big place. Most of the guys here track their dais, certain members here Organise Daihatsu track days pretty often, if your northern NSW then you have some options in south East QLD, and if you’re in the south I’m pretty sure there are some events around the Sydney area, I’m sure some other members would happily give you more details. Other than that I’m sure there are a few options to drive competitively with disciplines such as motorkahna, circuit racing and so on. I looking into what’s available in your area and deciding before you start the build what sort of things you wanna do, as the rules for a certain class or type of event can play a big role in what you can/can’t or should/shouldn’t do to the car.
Anyway, welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:


I second Mick’s comments. Find out what the local car clubs are. Motokhana will be the cheapest, then khanacross and hillclimb or sprints are perhaps the next in cost. If you are in Kempsey or remote then off road racing. I have been associated with top national off road racing and rally teams, even at a basic level your pockets need to be deep and be prepared to break lots of parts. Circuit racing and time attack are not cheap.

Here is Brendon dai at a recent khanacross. I had video of him at the last motokhana but seem to have deleted it. To give you an idea of motokhana here is a mate of mine in his R32

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Welcome Jayrad - pictures tell a 1,000 words maybe share some?