Is it ok to use brackets on the rear suspension on a Sirion 4trak.?

I have a 2004 Sirion 4trak with a pb brakes coil over kit that’s made for the newer 2005+ models. The fronts fit fine. The rear shocks were specially made to fit by PB. They changed the bottom mounts from eyelet to clevis.
The problem I have is that the rear shocks do not go low enough. The standard design will go lower however the Eyelet will need to be converted to clevis to mount to the control arm which is a eyelet.
I was thinking to go to my local metal shop and have them fabricate a bracket that will connect the eyelet of the control arm to the eyelet of the shock. Sorry for the bad explanation. I will upload pictures that will explain it better as soon as I can.
Thanks for your help.

Do you have photos of the rear shocks? It would help. I also had this problem, there aren’t any shock absorbers on the market with an eyelet top and clevis bottom that are short enough for the Sirion AWD rear. Eventually I settled for modified motorcycle shocks, but if I could see some photos of what you are working with it could help to find a solution. The biggest problem with using some kind of adaptor bracket will be the fact you are making the shock longer so you won’t be able to lower the car any significant amount and still keep the springs captive, the other problem is mounting an eyelet to an eyelet will be tricky, you’ll basically end up with something similar to a schackle on a leaf spring that’ll flop around everywhere (if you understand what I mean)

If your trying to put the shocks in while the axles are hanging, then you will usually have to jack the axle up to the right height.
Drop the car on the ground and then check to see if the shocks fit first before going to extremes :smiley:

Thank you for the advise after having my van stolen I am finally back to working and driving my beloved Sirion again.

tomorrow I will be ripping out the lining in the front. As it has been released from its stock position and is rubbing on the tire.

For the rear I am going to test my theory tomorrow. I plan to take the shocks that originally came with the coil over kit. I will measure up for an adapter bracket to mount the shock eyelet to the control arm bracket which then can be laser cut by a shop on eBay.

The original shocks from the kit can actually go lower than the ones I have on the car now due to not having the Clevis mount directly on the bottom.

I will take pictures and upload them Tomorrow.

Stock strut top

Stock strut bottom

Coilover strut top

Coilover strut bottom

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going to adapt the bottom I gather, could get away with a short plate with two holes each side. The bush pictured would hang under the chassis mount. A pic of the area would be of use if you want something drawn up in cad

Sorry for the late reply. I have other issues that I am currently fighting like a alternator problem and a corroded locking wheel nut.

As soon as I can I will get a picture for you.
Thanks for the offer

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With the lock nut, you can try and hit it in the centre with a chisel or drift, should loosen it up enough to get off. YMMV, try and avoid any areas that will not work if deformed or stuffed. And it might be easier if the other nuts are off .