Is there any interest in a 1998 Sirion workshop Manual?

Hi Guys,

As i’m sure many first gen Sirion owners are aware it is near impossible to find a workshop manual for our cars.
all the ones I tend to find are for the M300 or are incorrectly labelled as a M100 manual but in fact it links to the M300 one mention before.

The only one I can find for the M100 just happens to be in Russian, which is a language I like but is not one I speak.

I am willing to go though the process and expense of downloading it and getting it translated and to state where I can distribute it.

Any one else keen for a copy???
Of cause I will make a copy available to the Dai family in the workshop manual section, I just don’t want to go though all the hassle and be the only one who uses it.

Any ideas or feedback please let me know.


Definitely interested :slight_smile: the EJ manual i iploaded id missing a couple of important pages


It is still better the nothing, I have also seen a manual that was part of a set handed out to Daihatsu service departments in Japan. 1 on them was for sale a few months back but was super expensive so I passed. Now I know why it was so much after finding out how rare they are.

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Ok I now have access to the Russian manual in PDF format. From here anyone can use a OCR service on the respective page they might be interested in to convert the image into a word document. From there you use something like google translator to convert it to English.

It works enough to get an idea of what its talking about. But still a long way from perfect.

The information in this Manual is awesome from fully exploded drawings of engines to exact wire pin outs of the ecu.

Below are just a few pics for an example.



I am real excited by this project and will be keeping you all updated.


Awesome work mate, please add a link to the pdf in the workshop section :+1:

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Type EJ Engine - EFI System.pdf (2.1 MB)
Hi mate, hope this help.

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Ok so this project will have go on the back burner for awhile. Turns out translating books is very expensive lol, most company’s are asking for thousands and not hundreds like I expected. Last quote was 4000 euro DISCOUNTED. I know I could do it with google translate but sadly do not have the time to dedicate to get it done, I also have a high standards that I cant achieve using a machine.

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I have some russian friends, I definitely wouldn’t translate the whole thing but if there is anything in particular you need I could probably help out with a paragraph or 2 here and there.

I have a couple of versions of the L700 and L500 workshop manuals I can upload.
Just joined so can’t access features yet. will try now…
Type EJ Engine Foreword.pdf (156.1 KB)
Edit, ok I uploaded to workshop manual page… :slight_smile:


Did you upload the manual mate?

Mate, it’s been a while… Not sure if i did, or have/had ability to upload. I’ll try upload and get a link

See if these work…


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Brilliant! I’ve been looking for this for ages!

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