Is This a rare Find?

Getting worn down trying to ready my Sirion for NSW blue slip started wandering around Gumtree & found a 96 Charade 2 door 993cc carby model with air con 200,000 on it . Being me Icouldn’t resist & bought it with blue slip & now has rego $900 goes quite well no smoke even has original Daihatsu head unit (tape player & radio)was just wondering if they made many ?

They were around…
Rare is a hard to define word in this case.
I think it’s the TX model is it?
Has a key for petrol flap still and no steer or air?
Super base model.
There not unreliable just a base model.
I think the most popular model was the CS
It just had a slightly better trim spec and of corse the injected 1.3.

This one has air con no power steer seems to go reasonably well , has had the timing belt & water pump changed recently , was slightly out on the timing (ear tuned it today) runs much better , at my age nearly 60 & on a DSP pension haven’t got much in the way of hobbies so these things keep me off the streets lol.Will check the compliance plate for the T series cheers.

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Fairly common honestly, is the cb24 motor. Sounds like you got a good buy though, 93 model 1.3 4 cyl up here at moment for $1000

And probably more reliable than the 4 cyl, they have a habit of destroying head gaskets

I had one which my daughter now has and the 3cyl is a great engine my daughter has had the flywheel lightened and a 2 inch exhaust and it goes extremely well compared to when it was completely stock. Hers does not have aircon though.

thanks guys I have only ever seen 1 other one & was just wondering ,for a 3 cylinder it goes really good , has had the timing belt & water pump replaced recently ,has a small oil leak around the dizzy something to fix keep me off the streets lol.