J-Series Engines

J-Series Engines

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It is currently the first and last inline 4-cylinder engine for Daihatsu’s kei car, which debuted on Mira (L 500 type) which was model-changed in September 1994 . Basic specifications are water-cooled in-line 4-cylinder DOHC 16 valve EFI , inner diameter 61.0 mm × stroke 56.4 mm, total displacement 659 cc.

The J series engine is a short stroke engine capable of revving to a redline of 8500-9000rpm, the J series engine offers smooth accelaration and excellent performance from such a small displacement(cc). In Japan the J series is said to be “engine specialized in sports driving rather than so-called “town ride” that repeats starting and stopping.”

The J Series was typically fitted to kei cars and rated to 47kw (due to kei car laws) however there was a varient of the JB-JL named the JC-DET which has the same bore as the JB 61mm but was stroked to 61mm so 61x61mm = 713cc, this was fitted to the Japanese version of the Sirion, The Storia x4.

There is several different version of the JB-DET engine, variants include top mount or front mounted inter-cooler and the Daihastu Copen version featured a twin scroll turbo. As of August 31, 2012, JB type engine also ended production with the end of the production of the first Copen. Daihatsu will be changing kei cars back to a 3 cylinder design with the 4 cylinder models appearing to be discontinued.

(JB-JL, Image courtesy of @601to602)

(JB-DET L880k - Front Mount Intercooler)

Engine Variants (JB)

Varient Induction KW @RPM NM @RPM Capacity Comp Chassis
JB-EL NA 43 7600 57 5600 659cc 10 L502
JB-JL IC Turbo 47 7500 1000 4000 659cc 8.7 L502, L512, L602S
JB-DET IC Turbo 47 6000 107 3200 659cc 8.2 L902S (Move, early version), L802S (Opti)
JB-DET IC Turbo 47 6000 100 3200 659cc 8.2 L902/912S (Move,Later version), L952/962 (S type MAX)
JB-DET IC Turbo 47 6000 100 3600 659cc 8.2 L152 (Move)
JB-DET IC Twinscroll Turbo 47 6000 110 3200 659cc 8.2 L880K (Gen1 Copen)
JC-DET IC Turbo 88 7200 128 4800 713cc ? M112s (JP Sirion, Storia)

ECU Models

Varient ECU Number Chassis
JB-EL ? L502
JB-JL ? L502, L512, L602S
JB-DET ? L902S (Move, early version), L802S (Opti)
JB-DET ? L902/912S (Move,Later version), L952/962 (S type MAX)
JB-DET ? L152 (Move)
JB-DET ? L880K (Gen1 Copen)
JC-DET ? M101 (JP Sirion, Storia)

Varient Oil Filter Spark Plug Air Filter Fuel Filter Spark Gap Timing
JB-EL ? ? ? ? ? ?
JB-JL ? ? ? ? ? ?
JB-DET ? ? ? ? ? ?
JB-DET ? ? ? ? ? ?
JB-DET ? ? ? ? ? ?
JB-DET ? ? ? ? ? ?
JC-DET ? ? ? ? ? ?

JB-Series Source - https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ダイハツ・JB型エンジン
JC-Series Source - https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ダイハツ・ストーリア

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###Diagnose JB-JL

Short the wire at the terminal socket.

Turn the key to ON position. Then count how many times the engine check light blink. If there is no problem with all the sensors, the engine check light will keep on blinking without pausing while if there is a problem with either one of the sensor, the engine check light will blink then pause and then blink again. This is to show what is the engine error code. For instant, if the engine check light blink 5 times then pause and then blink 2 times again, this indicate that the error code is 52.

Code Diagnose Item Diagnose Content Trouble Area
13 Engine Revolution Signal When engine revolution signal is not input while the starter switch is ON Cam angel sensor and circuit
21 Oxygen sensor signal When input signal from Oxygen sensor shows too lean. Air to fuel ration under certain condition Oxygen sensor circuit and Oxygen sensor
31 Pressure sensor signal When input signal from the pressure sensor becomes more than 4.9v or less than 0.7v Pressure sensor circuit and pressure sensor
41 Throttle position sensor signal When both idle switch, power switch position sensor become ON condition. Throttle position sensor circuit and Throttle position sensor and ECU
42 Cooling water temperature signal When the engine cooling water temperature sensor circuit become OPEN or SHORTED Water temp sensor circuit, water temp sensor
43 Intake air temp signal When the intake air temp sensor circuit becomes OPEN and SHORTED Air temp sensor circuit, air temp sensor
44 A/C evaporator temp sensor When the A/C evaporator temp sensor circuit exhibits OPEN or SHORTED A/C evaporator temp sensor circuit, A/C evaporator sensor
45 A/C Compressor When the A/C switch is turn ON, the rotation signal from the A/C compressor becomes too low because of slipping of the magnet clutch or overload A/C magnet clutch and A/C lock sensor circuit
51 Switch signal When the A/C switch is turn ON, the idle switch is turned off with the test terminal of the diagnostic connector SHORTED. However no more memoryzing will take place A/C switch, Idle switch circuit, Throttle position sensor
52 Vehicle speed sensor signal When the vehicle speed signal circuit exhibits OPEN wire or SHORTED circuit Vehicle speed sensor circuit and vehicle speed sensor
81 Immobilizer signal When the rolling codes cannot be exchanged between the EFi ECU and the Immobilizer ECU or the rolling codes are not matched Wire harness between the immobilizer ECU and EFi ECU. Immobilizer ECU. EFi ECU
83 Immobilizer signal When the rolling codes cannot be exchanged in the EFi ECU EFi ECU