James and my Daihatsu Cuore L700

Hey everyone, my name is James. I’ve been a fairly long time Dai fan, even before I had my license. I’ve had my current cuore for about two years and makes the perfect daily driver. I’ve had two before it but was lucky to find this pristine example from an older lady that owned it from day one and had only 40,000kms on the clock. I’ve put another 16,000km on it in that time and it’s been amazing. I’ve made a pact with myself, I WILL NEVER get rid of this car, I paid only $1,250 for it, the deal was too good and I love it too much.

I’ve got a thread on another forum which I will port over shortly.

This is my Dai and my past Dai’s. Also my other car which in my eyes is the perfect combo. I have HUGE plans for my cuore and hope I can take all of you with me!

As it sits, will update with more images when I am allowed.


welcome James (great name btw :slight_smile:) thats a really nice l700 I dont blame you for not wanting to sell ever and for the price you paid Bargain!!!

Thanks man, I have heard the name is rather epic! :wink:

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