James' Daihatsu Cuore L700 - SKD555


At the Supercheap Auto super store in Penrith.


Ah yeah. I know it.
Cool pix.


February 2018: This is something I’ve been looking for, for well over a year. Although this came out of nowhere. I usually check Pick N Payless once a week, mostly at the moment as I’m looking for Subaru related things but every now and again some Dai goodness pops up. This time it was a late model Sirion GTvi, which is good cause I’m been looking for one to steal the seats from ages.

Got the seats home to have a proper look, they were only $64 bucks, which is insane as these seem to usually fetch over $200 on the used market. Plus these are the later model with a darker centre in the trim, exactly what I was after.

While they are in good condition they were covered in dust, not uncommon in the wreckers where most of the cars have their windows left open.

Lots of muck but after a good clean and vacuum they are mostly back to former glory. I’ll need to do a proper upholstery clean but that’ll come at another time.

So happy to get the old ones out, the light grey was never my things and they were getting pretty festy.

Seats came out which is always a good time to do a quick clean. The old amp wiring is yet to completely come out as its stuck somewhere in the carpet. The entire carpet is going to come out later in the year for a big thing.

Bolt in is such a nice thing, passenger seat went in to get a 50 50, certainly a huge difference.

Then I threw the driver side in and quickly checked to see if the seat belt warning light would be working and then I saw it. Looks like the crash destroyed the inside of the belt clip.

Time to rob the one from the old seat.

Then I noticed the belt indicator had to now come through the seat, ugh.

I could then crack out the old imperial to pull the bolt off.

The horrible push pin connector fought me.

Ofcourse the connector was to big to come through and I had to disconnect the seat from the rail.

It was then I thought, ugh, the old rails are so ratty lets swap over the entire piece from the old seats to the new.

After the entire thing I wish I didn’t it must have taken me an hour to completely remove and refit.

This fought me for a good 10 minutes.

The old stuff was so yuck but it all came off.

Finally back together.

Then finally in the car. All fixed and working perfectly. Man what a bargain. I love these.


February 2018: After a couple days of driving I’m so happy with the feel of the seats, I can actually stay in the seat which is a nice change.

I needed to finish the passenger seat belt as it seemed to have also been routed from the crash. Off it came.

Clear difference.

On and done.

While the vacuum did a decent job of getting loose dirt but I needed to attack the heavier dirt. Started with the passenger headrest.

Then the actual seat bottom could get a go.

The Meguiars Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner works wonders.


March 2018: The new seats have been amazing over the last few weeks. It’s made such a big difference to the overall feel of the car.

I love adding new features to the car, specially if they are free. When upgrading the headunit in the Subaru, the Sony unit came with a microphone, thing is the Subaru already had one mounted and setup, that meant a freebie for the Cuore.

There were a few options for places to mount the mic but I thought the drivers side a-pillar would be the best place.

Off it came.

Dash bits also came out to make some space for running the cable through.

The cable was LONG, not necessary for this little box but good to have.

Then it could be routed through under the dash.

Headunit out and in.

A bit of cable management could then be done.

And finally the mic could be mounted. Yay for free goodies.


You wouldn’t happen to be that dude that was at Pick n Payless a few weeks back working on that Applause would you?


I was not haha. Its usually just Cuore’s or Sirion’s for me.


Pretty cool mate, did you end up fitting a reverse camera? If not, I’ve gotta recommend going as high as possible, I stuck mine under the Number Plate Light Shroud? (Whatever it’s bloody called, painful explaining to wreckers over the phone when you’re after a new one) In any case, it’s way too low, especially when backing up to a roof level bullbar every night lol.

Good read so far anyway, hanging for that turbo to get a new home.


I actually haven’t was considering doing it today, maybe just above the wing might be a better option.


Awesome build. Super clean!


March 2018: I recently got something shipped over from Japan for the Subaru, and considering it wouldn’t take up really any space I decided to finally pick up some clear side indicators for the Cuore. Orange plastics on a car is one of my biggest pet hates.

Very nicely packaged.

They seem like decent quality units.

Time to move onto the car, the passenger side has always been missing the plastic piece. Made it easy to come out.

The new could then go in.

Rinse and repeat for the other end.

Quiet the difference, surprised I waited this long.


Clear indicators always look better i reckon :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Dude this build is awesome! Turns out we have a very similar taste in rides. I recently sold off my liberty wagon and picked up a cuore I plan to do a rear seat delete on too! Already begin modding with a stereo, 2002 tail lights, fixing some parts from a wrecker donor but so happy I found this thread, will definitely help things moving forward! How did you go with the rear seat delete? I thought by now there would be some sort of template but I guess I will have to do it the hard way and map one out. New Cuore and old liberty attached.


Oh damn epic man haha! Were you on club.lib? The car looks very familiar. I would love to give you advice on the rear seat delete but it still hasn’t been finished lol. I might look at doing so next month but who knows. If I do you bet it’ll be here. Keep in touch and get a thread going of your beast mate!


Nah wasn’t on club.lib. Plenty of them getting around in a similar style though! I’m gonna tackle some more mods on the Cuore this weekend, need to restore the wheels and paint them but can’t decide on colour. I have been taking a few snaps so I may do a build thread at some stage. I’m new to forums but is there some way I can get in touch with you? Wouldn’t mind asking a few questions. I would love to know the bulbs on the interior lights (my dash lights are out for the AC section so need to replace anyway) as yours look awesome. Also wouldn’t mind sourcing some of those clear side indicators!


May 2018: Once again not much happening with the car. What I having been meaning to do is swap out the front speakers. I swapped an old amp from the Subaru for a set of Sony XS-GTF1627 two-way speakers.

Far from anything special but anything is better then blow tweeters and thus a significant improvement.

Time to move onto the install and pop the door-card off. Taking the handles off never gets easier.

Off. Goodbye Kenwood blown rubbish.

The horrid old wiring also came out. And the supplied wiring spliced into the factory door loom. Again when the speakers are properly upgraded better wiring will go in.

Out with the old and in with the new.

Rinse and repeat for the other side. Sounds so much better already. Specially with the sound deadening.


July 2018: So working on the drivers side door ‘tomorrow’ as usual ended up being 2 months later in classic fashion.

Getter the window winder off never gets easier.

Out with you dualmags.

Horrid wiring to be ripped out.

New wiring in and soldered properly.

Sony’s could then go in.

Another thing I hate about these door cards but all done.

Recently the car got a flat. So I grabbed my small jack rather then the big one as it was easier to transport. Normally it would be fine but with a flat the car was too low. So my mate and I legit lifted the car by the guard onto the jack. It worked but dented in the panel. Argh.

Luckily a bit of heat and a GoPro mount does the trick.

Ah much better.


September 2018: Once again nothing particularly special happening on the old Cuore but I love doing these so here we go. I freaking love the S2R’s on this car but, they really don’t like holding air, at least one of them doesn’t.

So I dropped past a local Kmart Tyre place to see what the issue might be. We did a quick check in the water to see if it was maybe a puncture. It wasn’t but it was loosing some air from the beed. So we popped the tyre off and cleaned the sidewall up with a razer. These are super cheap rubbish tyres so yeah not great.

Back in the water.

Still no luck. Who knows. Onto a nice dodgy fix. It got a healthy dose of sealant to help with the imperfection in either the wheel or tyre. After that it was rebalanced. Apparently it was out the whole time…

I gave it a good amount of time of sitting to set and see if it leaked anymore. It didn’t so back on it went.



September 2018: So I’ve really been itching to do the manual swap on the car for ages and while I did get a box already it really wasn’t going to be easy without having a full parts car, as getting bits and pieces for these cars isn’t really easy. I even struggled to find local wreckings of Sirions.

Anyway, enter what happened here. Through another deal I’ve ended up with this little one. It’s the same year as mine. The original body is faded and rough. The car is basically going to be stripped for all the goodness with the shell being scrapped.

I believe this is an option grille with yellow foggies.


The interior has some gino goodies in there too.

Purple seats front and rear.

Some woodgrain too.

The car might be rough but has just under 100K on the clock which seems to be pretty low for these, not as low as mine though ;).

Most importantly though, three pedals. Keen to get this out and into mine.


why not swap the aprts you want with your car and sell this one after your finished and get some of your cost back?
Great deal you picked up by the look of it :slight_smile: