Jamming 15" rims on a stock L60 handivan

Just wondering if anyone know of a 15" x 5" rim that has the right stud pattern for a handivan?
Offset isn’t a problem. I’ve changed quite a few rims offsets before. Cut the welds holding the centre in, reset to the right offset and reweld. Don’t like to pisstalk but I never had to redo one yet. All have run true and within tolerances. Qualified boilermaker so nothing illegal going on here. So if anyone needs the offset changed on steel rims, chase me up :smiley: I charge reasonable rates, $30 - $50 a rim. Depends on the weld type. Some are easy to get off and some are a pita.

Going to run 165/45/15 tyres that end up being about 30mm bigger then stock so hopefully I can get it all under the stock guards. The 195/45/15’s I’m running on the front of the other car are only 50mm bigger in diameter and do fill the guards up nicely.
Trying to make the two of them look as similar as I can. Thankfully the evil one hasn’t got a huge amount of body mods. Just the re-radiused wheel arches that are obvious, and the body pump that you can notice looking down the side.

And on that note I have 2 x 12" rims and tyres and 2 x 13" rims and tyres up for grabs, and another 4 x 12" when i get some other rims on it :smiley: all have reasonable tread but age is unknown at the mo. I’ll have to see if there are date code on them.
So if anyone want’s them message me. Located on the Gold Coast.

Cheers, Geoff

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