Jb-jl r4 vacuum help

So… I am doing a clutch change in the L512s and have found a couple of vacuum lines disconnected. They appear to be for the transfer case connected to what I can only call a falic shaped tube near the clutch and steering rack. I guess pictures will say more. I was wondering if we have a vacuum diagram for this motor in the group… Or maybe someone has knowledge of what these may go to.

The vacuum hose from the top reads #3

Also notice the line missing from the bung on the trans

And lastly… Is the white silicone filled hole a normal thing?

I do appologise for not knowing the proper names of these things. Thanks in advance

Ps, this motor drop would have been a lot easier without air conditioning… And a proper car lift.

White silicone in the throttle body seems to be normal, mine has that. Not sure about that little nipple, mine has a hose on it that’s about a foot long and runs towards the back of the car. But it isn’t hooked up to anything, just resting on top of the transfer case. I stuck my phone down as far as I could reach, there’s a little bit of white plastic on the end of the house, but idk if it’s a plug or if it’s a plastic barb that broke off of somewhere?

I’ll probably have my car up on jack stands in the next few days, might be able to investigate then, but I doubt I’d be able to see anything you can’t with the engine out.

Kinda wish I had a borescope, it would make it sooooo much easier to see into these tight places

That bung on the trans is a breather. Usually has a short black hose with a white valve or air vent. When the air gets hot inside it expands and if it pressurized the internals oil could be forced out of the seals.


That’s reassuring!

I did find a short hose with a white screen just dangling near there. My concern is the hose numbered #3. Looking around I do not see where it may have been connected to. I have searched online for a vacuum diagram but some info on these cars are hard to find.

@gregn8r I am also trying to document as many OEM part numbers as I can while I have this motor out. I am finding a lot of original parts on this thing, including the oil filter (not sure how I feel about that) but some of these have just worn off due to time or contamination. I will attempt to make a list at some point to benefit other members.

With the K frame off this is a better look at the part I am talking about

Ok, so that’s interesting. On my car, that hose is routed up along the firewall and just ends beneath what looks like an A/C pipe. Not attached to anything.

Interesting lift setup there, also cool that you didn’t remove the front clip and just dropped the motor/subframe out of the bottom, seems like I would have rather done that and not disconnect the A/C.

I have the L2 gen and not the L5xx gen, but there are some shared maintenance parts.

What do your front axles look like, do you have LSD in that with the AWD system?

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Were you able to figure this out?