JC050 here - also known as Jason

I have been on Daiforum for a while, I am based in NZ’s North Island and have a 91 Charade G102 that I bought in 2006 that now runs a much modified HD setup.


Hi Jason, welcome! Not that I’ve been here long. :joy:

How about some pics of that HD setup? Keen to have a look.

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welcome to the new forum mate I hope to see you as much on here as the old one. I really was hesitant about cutting off all the cam discussion that was going on between you and a few other guys but it was a case of it had to happen some time. :frowning: hopefully it can be picked up again here as well as the other recent threads.

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I’ll be posting some pics under a new build thread.


Hi Jimmy - thanks for the welcome and all the work on the site, it looks really good. I plan to carry on being here - I am sure the cam discussions (and others) will continue.


G’day Jason, welcome to the new forum.

I found a kiwi!
Where are you racing Jason?
Have we crossed paths before?
I’ve been doing racing elsewhere, but always been spannermonkey for my brothers silver GTti he’s running in acjs and production now
We’ve both been a bit distracted, but planning on being back into the thick of it again this season coming.
Hope to see you out there

Hi Patrick,

I am just a part timer, doing the odd track day and motorkhana with my daily driver. I wish I could claim I raced!

Recently I got in touch with Tim for some 2nd hand gears, which is the first time I have been in touch with anyone in your family. Tim is lucky to have a spannermonkey as you put it, my daughters won’t do anything to help me out!

Tim seemed to doing some clever stuff with his straight cut gear sets.

What racing have you been involved in?

wow this never showed up on my feed sorry!
us kiwi daihatsu hoons have to keep in touch!

are you looking at doing any track days?
hampton downs have a few coming up ?

I am hopefully doing a track day at Taupo next week on the 26th of Sep. If it goes well I would like to do one at Hamptons before the end of the year.

It would be good to catch up with you (and Tim) again.

there are a few coming up at hampton worth checking for sure
i’m probably going to test on oct 21

Edit - I moved my track day post to my build thread

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