June 6th Qld Trackday at Lakeside Raceway

G’day folks, we’re back at Lakeside for another awesome day of racing the clock. June 6th at 12 noon for sign on. 12:30 drivers briefing and first cars on track at 1pm.

Cost will be $100 plus the clubman licence, which is $20. The $100 will be due to me 2 weeks before the event.

The group is live on the Qld Raceways calendar, so you are welcome to book in now.

All cars must be road registered, as it is a street sprint event. We are trying to get as many Dais on track as possible. I will let everyone know when it is opened up to other makes.

Spectators are free to come and enjoy the day.

All drivers must have a clubman racers licence purchased from Qld Raceways ($20), wear an Australian Standard Helmet, long sleeves, jeans/pants and closed in shoes.

If it’s your first time, the first step is to create an account here: https://racers.world/login?fbclid=IwAR0s6nZ19Zr8OtFWGbvopEs_kyc75b9QV_M_iAhDm-kosYMZi6OslL56xo4


Awesome post and I might come along, shit in fact I am very excited after reading it. Can I suggest that you put times in the first line as I can’t see it anywhere? I am a n00b and only just saw the date in the OP.

All good. I added it anyway. :+1:t2:

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The events section now features a calender that supports time zones.

It’s part of the title, I’ve updated it for you :+1:


That reads a lot better KUDOS. So if I just ignore the missus I have 4 months to get track ready.

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@FrAsErTaG :astonished: that’s cool! Thank you.

@BoldEagle Track ready is a relative term. We’ve had completely stock L2s and L251s on track and we’ve had monsters like LSP and Cupcake. Both types of track ready are welcome and have their place. It’s just about having fun in your car in a safe environment.

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To be clear I meant it in a ‘relative term’ as well - this is our daily driver but also our only car. Will come and watch for the first time out

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If anyone is planning on coming on track for this event, please ensure you have purchased your clubman licence and booked in for the event on racers.world/login , as if we have space left a month out from the event I will up entries to all makes a models.