Just a General update fun thing

I did post this on Fb yesterday but thought I would put it here in a better way :slight_smile: .
My L200’s have been in storage on someone else’s property since January as I needed the driveway and garage for my wife to be able to access the car easier as she had surgery on both her feet and was unable to walk very well for quite some time. Anyway, time has passed and she is walking ok now and we had been waiting for someone to mow the grass at the place where the cars were stored so we could get in and pick them up.
This was supposed to have been done by now and it still wasn’t done so we took matters into our own hands and took our ride on mower over and cut the grass at the property.

This is the pic from the gate that is halfway down the property. you can just see the roof tops of the mira’s

Here is My wife (evilroad/Mary) mowing some of the part down to the gate.

And there she is making a start on getting to the cars
Got the first one out and home.

Many hours of mowing later the yard looked like this.

Both cars are back at home. I just stopped taking pics as the day went on way longer than we anticipated and wanted to get it all done. Needless to say I don’t want the cars to go back there again and am happy to have them home now. :slight_smile: now for trailer repairs and L200 tinkering to begin again. :slight_smile: