Just another K3VE Cuore

Hi all,

It all began when i stumbled across this cuore with a knocking engine. For only €100 i had me a project car.

At home, looking where the knocking comes from.

What a surprise :upside_down_face:

Rebuilding this engine or replacing it for a faster one?

Months go by, i got a baby in the meantime and forgot about the cuore.

Then my mate tags me in the sales advert of this sirion. “Weren’t you looking for a replacement engine? Last weekend i saw this one on its roof here in the village.”

So i bought it.

Taking both cars apart side by side

New engine is in.

I took it for a spin, the alignment is way off, but the engine is running great!

I have enough to do until i can drive it but it’s a start :grin:


Epic stuff man! Keen to see where you go with this.

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Great write up. Fantastic cars/swap.

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Made me a conversion harness today.
At first i thought it was a great idea but while i was busy i realised i could have fixed the connectors to the rear harness right away. Ah well…