Just how far can a HD go

Not sure if I’m putting this in the right place but I’m curious to hear people’s experiences/opinions of the HD series motors from Daihatsu.

Have you turboed one? If so how reliable was it, how much power did it make what was you experience?

Have you built a nice NA? Was it high compression or just a stocker with a cam?

I’m just looking for info of any kind. Havent had any experience with Daihatsu engines before apart from servicing the missus car and want to know what the general consensus is about these engines.

I’m aware the gearboxes are a little poxy but I’m more curious to see what the engines themselves can do, be it 1.3/1.5/1.6.


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Rick Bates’s NA rally Detomaso had 113kw at the wheels (see link below):


I also managed to find out it had:
Tighe 983C cam
13.4:1 compression
Stock intake and Detomaso extractor due to Group A rules. No doubt more could have been derived with ITB’s and a better exhaust.

See below for this guy’s vids of his 1.6 NA Charade with some serious mods out dragging many other cars:

As for turbos - see below:

Kevin Flanagan has a turbo H series in his charade

I read about Rick’s rally car. Quite an impressive engine. Would love to know exactly how he achieved the 13.4:1 CR. Agreed so new tech and better exhaust and intake probably would have bumper the power figure a bit.

I haven’t been able to find any info on Kevin’s car. Is there a build log around somewhere?

Wayne Morton has the last surviving factory DeTomaso rally car, from memory he said it puts out about 150hp but not sure if at wheels, have heard of one doing 228kw at flywheel, but not verified. Main problem is weak gearboxes :frowning:

Alexander parisi would be the best bloke to talk to

Androo26 a former member of Daiforum had a turbo 1.6 Applause.

Rather comprehensive build thread on here http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3197094/1993-daihatsu-applause/

Sadly it’s no longer turbo / gone altogether to other hands.