Jxrd - 1997 G200 - A Learning Experience

Hi guys, here is where I will keep updates on the progression of my G200.

A little history on the car; I bought it from Facebook Marketplace approx 4 - 5 years ago for $300 as a spares car for another charade I was building at the time. It sat in the driveway for quite a while rotting away until my main project ended up going to scrap and the old spares car took its place in as the new “build”. Due to only being on an apprentices wage it was unfortunately neglected for a long time and was turned into a makeshift storage container for my other car parts; Eventually I scraped enough money together to buy some gaskets and did a complete reseal of the engine in my home garage, I dropped the engine back in made sure it was working then parked it up for around 2 years. Last Saturday (11/11/23) I towed the vehicle to my storage shed in hopes to start working on it again.

My current plans; Right now I am diagnosing why the car will not start, it ran fine the last time I started it up but that was over 2 years ago now. Spark is good, but no fuel is getting into the cylinders; I cant hear the fuel pump prime when turning the key either so I am suspecting it may be the EFI relay, I will be ordering a new one and testing my theory shortly. Once the car is running properly again I will be making a new engine harness with a few possible modifications and start my learning process on the Haltech software.

Small things; While I am researching the performance side of things I will also be converting the front end from the smiley to the older pre facelift look and will be possibly wrapping the car (another new learning experience for myself)

I dont expect anyone to really read this thread, I am mainly keeping this as a way for me to track my own progress within this learning experience. But if you are here I hope you can learn something too :slight_smile:


I would guess you will need to replace the fuel pump and not the relay. I would also check the condition of the tank while it is out as it may just be full of rust and crap. I have cleaned a few tanks with just bicarb of soda and vinegar and water and it has worked well. Other’s have used sealer’s etc also to help protect future issues.

Build threads are here for your own records and we all enjoy build threads and seeing how people go about doing things and the progress they make. It is how a lot of us have learnt over the years.


Yeah turns out the relay is fine, I’ve ordered a new fuel pump and waiting for it to arrive, I just so happen to have a spare unrusted g200 fuel tank that I can chuck in if the current one is in bad shape :slight_smile:

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