K3 - VE2 L700 conversion

Hi i was wondering if anyone knew where i could get some headers? Also any tips or things to look out for when doing the swap since its gonna be auto to manual, how to hook up the clutch pedal if anyone knows?

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I’m looking at a manual conversion on my L2, from my understanding you’ll need all the interior trim pieces, clutch pedal/ pedal box, shifter, shifter cables, clutch cable, brackets for cables. This would need to come from an L7 as I don’t believe it’ll fit from the gtvi

If you need headers for your ejde, hit up Tom Wood, he might be able to help.

There’s a guide found here

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thanks i have a whole gtvi for parts and ill see what i can do about the bracket cables, and i am following that guide.

It’s a great conversion
You’re going to need a custom sway bar and run different axles and lower arms if you don’t want massive camber and lower ball joint bind
Everything else you can convert from the gtvi

Manual conversion isn’t too tricky. You’ll need to drill hole in the firewall. Swapping the clutch cable over I reckon is the hardest part of the whole thing! :crazy_face: I’ve done three trans swaps and now I actually drop the air system at least so it clears back from the firewall a bit to give more clearance to get it through

All the shifter etc etc all moves from the gtvi

The most difficult question i reckon is how you want to do it electronically. You can move everything over and splice in chassis plugs to L7 then you’ll have the gtvi cluster

Or you can splice in the ecu loom end so signal converts to mira then everything after ecu can stay the same and you either run a custom after market tachometer or custom wire just the gtvi cluster or run something from another model that will work (there are a few models that fit without having to chop looms)

Or going back to first comment the easiest $ wise is just convert all wiring over from the gtvi

If you get stuck for parts send me a pm and I can source them for you

I’ve got a whole lot of them on the go in all different configurations :nerd_face:

Good luck it’s a time consuming conversion but they go very well once done!


thank you for the detailed reply and ill be sure to PM you if i need anything :slight_smile:.

how are you getting on bro??

Hey i been a bit busy but this weekend im gonna start striping the Gtvi and prep both cars to get ready for the swap, i have been getting scared about transferring the electronics hopefully it all goes well.

i reckon the big thing is taking your time and enjoying the process aye!
don’t be scared mate!
if you get stuck with something - take some photo’s and post them up and I’ll do my best to help!
or pm if you don’t want the world to see! :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve probably made a majority of the mistakes there are to be made - so you won’t surprise me! :slight_smile:

probably the hardest thing i reckon is when you’re pulling plugs apart, that sometimes the pins come out or wires break - that and getting totally frustrated and confused with where it all started off :stuck_out_tongue:
but again I reckon the trick is to take lots of photos as you go so you can go back to them and remind yourself

there are also a few work arounds if you get stuck or change your mind of how you want it to work in the end - so shout out if you want to discuss it

good on ya for getting stuck in :wink:

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Hey mate started a build thread over there, thanks for your help :slight_smile:.