K3-VE2 swap to K3-VET / Custom Turbo

Hey all! Not sure if this forum is active or not.

Me and my mate recently bought a 2002 Daihatsu Sirion GTVI 5speed auto as a project car and were looking at giving it a bit more power as well as picking up new skills.
So far we’ve upgraded the exhaust with a catback and made the diameter of the piping bigger.
We’ve also messed around with the air intake which seems to have worked wonders compared to the stock setup.
We are also looking at maybe messing with the gearing but haven’t found much knowledge around it.
We are now looking at bigger power gains such as turboing or swapping the engine for k3-vet.
I’m pretty sure the compression ratio for the k3-ve2 is 11:1 which will make it hard to turbo but we were wondering if anyone else has done similar and also if we could use parts from the K3-VET engine like the manifold instead of trying to fabricate parts.

Thanks for your help!

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Hey mate it is an active forum with many great people from all over the world who can be very knowledgeable.

Please make your way here ALL NEW PEOPLE - Live To Dai and do a small intro. Just Click the +new topic button and away you go. It doesn’t have to be a big intro but it helps with security for the forum, helps members to get to know you a little better which can lead to more assistance. Most importantly it will open the forum up to you much quicker and get you access to the manuals section and be able to put more pics up too.