K3-VET in a Sirion M300

Hello all,

I hope this forum isn’t completely dead yet since I only found it yesterday and man do I have some questions. I am planning (as the title might suggest) to swap my sirion with a K3-VET engine. Because it will be my first engine swap I’m not able to rely on my own knowledge. I hope that some of you are willing to discuss and answer my questions :slight_smile:

I already know that the K3 engine will fit since the sirion m300 already has a K3 just without the turbo. I already know that I need tot change the timing belt cover so get some more room but I don’t know how to run the engine. Getting a aftermarket ECU and let it tune by someone would be the obvious answer but I’m not willing (and lacking the funds) to pay 3000+ euros just for a small computer to run the engine. For comparison: I can buy a sirion m300 and a yrv turbo for the same price as just the aftermarket ECU.

Is it possible to swap the enige and use the original ecu of the Yrv to run the engine in a m300? Since the Yrv turbo will be an auto and the sirion a manual I’m afraid that the ecu will not like it.

Or is it a possibility to reprogram the ECU of the m300 to work with a turbo?

Even if you don’t know the answers to these questions I would still be happy to talk to some Daihatsu enthousiast :slight_smile:

Greetings from a Dutchy! (No I’m not high, at this moment at least)

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Mix and match of ecus between cars is a huge risk. 600euro for a basic Haltec or Link ecu plus fitting. Better yet look for a used Motec M4 with wideband enabled and basic data logging. The latter will be worth every cent. Easy to install, all the variable you need.

Many people have put k3vet into sirion’s, L700’s and even saw one on the weekend in a terios. If you use everything from the yrv turbo and bring it across but keep your manual gearbox you should be alright from what I have read and heard. You may have to ground the neutral wiring or keep the auto switch in neutral so the car will start. The main thing with getting it to run with the k3vet would mainly be all the wiring, key reader, immobiliser and ecu.
Please note I am no expert I am just going on what I have heard and bits and pieces I have read over the years.
btw this forum isn’t dead at all there is usually at least 1 post every day and have heaps better features than the traditional forums from b4 the days of fakebook.

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Quoting this to agree with evilhighway

Keep in mind that the engine mounts on the M10#/M20# mount to a subframe, whereas the m300 engine mounts are more traditional in that they don’t run a subframe.

Look at al those replies :slight_smile: thanks guys, this would help me allot. Mr-Gromsby, where do you find those 600 euro halted or link? Ive looked of a used motec but 0 results. There are no Haltec/Link/motec etc used ECU’s for sale over here :frowning:

Wiring wouldn’t be a problem. I’m planning on buying a yrv turbo in running order and then swapping al the parts + I have some experience in wiring. But to get rid of the starting problems I think that I will swap the entire engine loom, immobiliser, ecu, key reader etc. Good tip on grounding the neutral wiring! I can remember that my mom called me in a panic because the car wouldn’t start and was afraid that she destroyed it. It was her first time driving in an auto so we had a good laugh about it :wink:

Thanks for all the replies! I won’t start anytime soon because I have allot of information to gather before I want to try it. Measure twice, cut once.

Hey, in the Netherlands you have koolhaas motorsports as a haltech dealer: http://www.koolhaas-motorsports.nl/nl-nl/

Thanks for the link! Now at least I know of a tuner. Still hoping that the ECU of the yrv will work just fine if I swap everything. Going to 130hp from 87 is already a big increase :slight_smile: it’s a shame that you have to register the car again after an increase of 40% hp but it will be worth it.

Used ecus come up a lot in Australia

Not a single one here :frowning: the tuning market is really small here so everything is expensive af.

This might be a silly question but do you need to swap the immobiliser? Or does the sirion immobiliser also work on the yrv engine? I would like to retain the original locks since it would be a pain to swap them all out. I really need to learn more before I try the swap if I want to have any chance of success.

The immobiliser, ecu, key reader and key are paired. Meaning you either have to get them all reset to change the ecu. IF you can find a workshop to do it, that has the right diagnostic tool (it was a specific Daihatsu one).
Or swap the the lot.

Curious: the locks are connected to the body ecu by wires; why would you need to swap the locks?
No expert in this field, but like has been said already, I would try to swap over everything from the YRV, except for the body looms.
Just ?

You can use the YRV ECU but you have to swap the immo ecu also.
If you use the YRV ecu you have to ground the neutral line to start but nothing special.

I’ve read that you live nearby, i can help you when you are about to do the swap :+1:

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Because your key for the ignition will not fit on your doors :wink:

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That was the thing that I was worried about. I’m afraid that the original sirion lock won’t work with the immobiliser from the yrv. But if I can swap an engine, I think I might be able to swap locks :wink: When the time (and money) has arrived I will just buy an whole yrv turbo and swap all the parts between them.

Ps: if you need any help with something just give me a shout :slight_smile: I would like to have some friends who I can work with together on cars. Yes I’m lonely.

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