K3-vet low power when wet and cold

Hi there,i have a yrv 1.3 k3-vet.
apart from making a lot of noise in low rpm it has problems after start in cold or damp weather.
like it has no power…? when u press only a bit on the gas-pedal…(whn u press pedal bit more it revs up)
after running 20 seconds this is gone.
no fault codes,new spark plugs …
i am thinking for the map sensor but where is that located?
does someone have a photo of the location.

hmmmmm it’s not the gearbox is it mate?
I had one that slipped a lot until it warmed up a lot
especially in reverse

No, it’s not slipping. Doesn’t want to make revs when u press pedal only a bit.so when you normally accelerate it feels like stalling. Like it’s having no horsepower. When you fully press pedal it jumps to high revs. As soon as u been driving for 500 meter this is gone…

So is when on cold start :thinking:
Oxygen sensor?
Have you looked up faults with an obd scanner ?

No faults in memory. So i was thinking about the map sensor. When this is bad, in cold or damp conditions it gives these symptoms. But i don’t know where it’s located. Is it on the intake manifold? Cannot find it on photo of K3-VET

Check fuel pressure.
Filters if clogged really restrict flow when cold

Thx. Where is fuel filter?

filter is in the tank with pump
map is right on top of intake throttle

Thx… Mate