K3-VET - what manual trans to use?


This is a little off topic but @601to602 how many hours do you spend cleaning your parts? they are always sooooo spotless and perfect. I spent like an hour on a gearbox, crack the shits and accept I will never get it clean and just have grubby parts. Everything I have ever got off you has been immaculate.
I respect your patience and meticulous attention to detail.


Cheer’s mate , No real effort on my part here. The case i cleaned with an acid type cleaner Septones alli brite , although it will be soda blasted before reassembly , the bolts etc have all been replaced with new parts…easy. What i will do is buy some sodium dichromate from caswell as the bolts etc have a nickle coating dipping them in the dichromate solution will give them that iridescent gold color they would have had from new.


that is awesome information for cleaning. Thankyou. :slight_smile: