K3ve, k3ve2, k3vet

Hey guys I’m new to this page and plan on building my first engine and I’m chasingb200 - 250hp but had a question about the k3 series blocks. Are all 3 the ve, ve2, and vet the same 1.3L bore and stroke. Being the only difference is pistons and rods. Thank you😁

Welcome. Can you post a introduction on the introduction page? You’ll probably get a better response in this thread after :slight_smile:

Also, what is the question? 200-250hp from a Daihatsu engine is going to be… optimistic.

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As far as I know the blocks are the same but I have only owned k3ve2 blocks.

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Thanks man I’m looking more into it

If I recall correctly, the K3-VET also have oil squirters to cool the pistons, has to be confirmed though!

Also, there are differences in cam profiles, even between different VE2 models with the Rally2/Rally4 being more aggressive. If I’m not mistaken you can also run a 3SZ head but I’m not 100% sure on that.


3sz head is confirmed. There is an L7 with k3 block and 3sz head here in Australia. That being said, i have no idea if it was a straight bolt on. Lot’s of money spent on that car, and makes about 220hp (it goes up every-time someone mentions it) at the wheels.


Nah mate it’s at least 1000whp (:wink: )
I’m guessing it’s the purple Little Speed Princess you’re talking about?

The second iteration of the K3VE has the same head as the 3SZ, and a lot of parts are the same (like headgasket for example). I compared my 3SZ to a K3VE (first iteration) from a YRV, and the only thing I can think of is the difference in cam/crank sprockets. 3SZ gears and chains are a bit wider and I believe the sprockets have a different amount of teeth. Shouldn’t be a problem as long as you stick with either the gears and chain from one of the two. The 3SZ is a taller engine so naturally the chain is also longer, but like I said: the second iteration of the K3VE has the same head, so it’ll probably have the wider chain and different sprockets but with the desired shorter chain.

I thought I had some pictures for comparison, but that’s not really the case however. Here are some pictures for those who are interested anyways:

Exhaust manifold slightly different, but same flange. K3VE-1 left, 3SZ right




Chain cover. K3VE on top, 3SZ on bottom (about an inch taller taller)


When he said are the blocks the same I just presumed he meant the bare block lol.

Hi!!! The 3sz have oil sprinklers under the piston, the k3ve don’t have it… I’m not sure but I understand that the k3vet do have oil sprinklers