K3ve L700 THREAD

A thread to share info, questions, problems and fixes for the common k3 to l700 swap. ill try update this first post with as much info as possible. if you have done the swap jump in and say hello and drop some pics. i wish id taken more when doing mine to be honest.

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Theres a bit about the swap in my L700 mod guide too

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nice thread :slight_smile: apart from the obvious differences in plumbing, the same will apply to the turbo conversion, given that the ECU plugs are identical between the VE and VET…

can I start the ball rolling with a question…? has anyone here figured out what is required to run the K3 engine with the factory EJ dash/ign key still connected? I’m weighing up whether it will be easier to go this way than to swap the entire dash loom and cluster over from the sirion/YRV…

I went for the full loom swap. TBH i only needed to swap the dash loom and engine looms really, i made the job so much harder for myself than it needed to be… The idea was so i could have power windows and central locking only to find out the power windows didnt fit and the central locking strikers wouldnt fit so i turferd the idea.

The dash and engine loom were easy peasy…

**note abs module must be retained even if there is no abs unit or else you will have zero speedo function…


I’ve got a complete Sirion dash loom and cluster to go in… does the L7 chassis loom plug straight in? By that I mean the fuel pump and fuel level gauge wiring plus head lights and tail lights?

From what I remember it does, or is very close to it. I can take a picture of the plug from the sirion body loom if your interested to see for any difference.
I did have to take the air bag unit from the sirion because of the loom swap. It ran up the dash loom but also the body loom. The body loom plug for the sirion airbag sensor was way different from the Cuore. So that could throw a spanner in the works

Easy enough to rewire small bits but if I can avoid pulling the main loom apart I’ll be happy. Perhaps it’d make life easier to just use the Sirion chassis loom as well… then I know it all works…

That was my idea too. only the plugs i had to change around were front speakers and lights… but on the plus side i now have spare power in the back spare speaker wires in the back and while i was at it put the boot release in… so well worth it. the rear light wiring was different. the cuore rear lights are in sequence but the sirion has a divided loom. also have spare tail light signal and switch wire from the rear wiper and water jet assmbly

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makes sense… I assumed there might be one or two slight changes between chassis looms. although it’s small, it would be really nice to have a boot latch!!! they must have been so freaking tight on their manufacturing budget for the L7 to leave that out on every model!

I don’t suppose you’ve got any pics from when you did your transplant, do you?

Jst from reading about peoples swaps, pretty sure you can’t use the ej key and dash, might be a way for a good auto lecky to but lotsa dollars to find out yes or no

that’s no problem - if the model it all came from has an immobilizer, it’s simply a matter of bridging two pins on the ECU

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I have done a conversion of VET into a sirion where we had to do this, just not into an L7

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i took all the lock barrels from the gtvi across along witht the whole steering column. again for loom compatibility reasons. i have a few pics along the way not a heap. in saying that there is a few of us who have done this conversion so im sure i can get pics of anything you need at all. ill see if i can chuck some pics in the orig post…
i took the immob box from the gtvi also. the key was newer and i needed the steering wheel too so was just a no brainer.
**note if your taking the locks across you need to swap the plastic arm on the back of the locks and keep the cuore ones or else anyone with a finger nail will be able to unlock your car.

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Really? I’m quite interested in sticking a complete EJ-DE and ecu in one of the L60 cars

Hi there, im swapping a k3 ve2 into my l701. I was wondering if i need the abs pump from the sirion (since theres some electric bits in there), i dont need abs, just a working speedo.

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no you just need the control pick up - because you will see that it links to the sensor at the hubs for speed
…so you need the sirion hubs as well - because the mira hubs won’t connect to the sensor pick up :wink:

that’s only required if you’re going to have the sirion dash that is
…you can run a conversion over and keep the mira dash factory standard and install aftermarket rev counter like the Japanese like to do if you wish

This is great thanks, ive got all the sirion bits. And i will use the sirion cluster.

So basically then you need to convert all the wiring from the sirion

Yeay that shouldnt be a problem since i took out all the wireing from the sirion. Thanks for the help guys! Once its finished ill post a build log!