K3VE2 question

Hello everyone! I have Daihatsu Sirion 2004 1.3 at
Mileage 239k km

Yesterday i replaced an intake gasket and notice that
the vacuum sensor has no connection with a pipe(also im not sure that it should be, because i don’t really understand what is this sensor for)

Also the main problem is misfiring in random cylinders. p0300, p0301, p0304.
sparks new, swapping coils did not make any difference
intake gasket replacement didnt help too.

Here is the photo of the sensor

Hope you can help me
Sorry for my English im not native


I’ll take a look tomorrow where that line should go. Have had the same issues when one of the vacuum lines had a crack in them. Should be just a simple case of fitting the correct hose to fix your problems

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Hey, can you please give an update?

I’ve tried to locate it but i have the K3-VE. On my engine it seems that are 2 tubes. One goes to the charcoal canister and one goes to the intake. But it looks different from what you have.

I would suggest you look at the parts you took off and check if there is somewhere a hose could be attached to. One vacuum hose from my airbox had a crack in it which caused a misfire in 2 cilinders.

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Thanks a lot for your response!
I think my car just miss the second hose which goes to the adsorber.
According to the scheme it is just a regular hose right?

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Yes it should be a regular hose. Should be vacuum operated. The absorber on the K3-VE is on the left side. So that’s why they look different.

Just make sure that the other hose to the intake isnt cracked.

Sorry for the late response. Hope you work it out :slight_smile:

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Hope this was a problem and now p0300 is gone

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Great to hear!