K3vet head, cams, valves for sale

Hi guys selling k3vet head cams valves, intake manifold throttle body and crank, $1500 ono in Melbourne Australia. Msg me

hey I’m interested if you still have!

Yes still have it. And the other parts. Only missing injectors exhaust manifold and turbo

do you have the whole engine or is it all pulled apart? Ive got a gtvi but the rings are going so either I’m going to do an overhaul or get a new one… what’s good about k3-vet stuff?

I bought it in parts. No block. Turbo /manifold. Or injectors. I have a gtvi auto that i was going to turbocharge. So head and cams are different to k3ve2. Im selling car which needs a new paint job and these parts due to growing family and no time for project. Gtvi engine needs valve stems replaced but still drives well.

how much for the pistons and cams?