K3vet L701 New Zealand 🤙

Hey how’s it going, just making a thread to show everyone my K3vet swap into a L701. This is my first time doing anything major with any car other than suspension haha so it should be interesting.

I’ve owned this car coming up on 2 year, I got it fully stock of some older people in Ashburton. I’ve since painted it matt black :joy:, chucked on some 14x6 sprint hart cp competition wheels, slapped a rubber ez lip on the front with some wood screws goes hard lol and last but not least some stickers telling the world my car is slow af :joy:.

I’m going to post some occasional updates on here and maybe ask some questions if I get stuck at all. Also I brought everything for the conversion from Hart Performance aka @Patrick_Hart or maybe his brother Tim not 100% sure haha :yum:. Too easy to work with was great sorting everything I needed and talked me through everything I can do to upgrade in the future and is willing to help whenever I get too stuck in my build, so couldn’t be any happier cheers bro :call_me_hand:.

So far I’ve started taking everything off the front to get ready to rip the smokey ejde out, if disconnected the radiator and exhaust just need to figure out how to disconnect the drive shafts from the gearbox and try sort out all the wiring that I need to keep and what I just use from the new motor :man_shrugging:. It’s my first build so obviously not going to know everything and will no doubt mess something up along the way but it will be a good learning experience and alot of fun to boost in when it’s done :grin: can’t wait!


Awesome to see a fellow kiwi in the Kei game! Shout out from Nelson!

Looking forward to watching your progress :slight_smile:


Love it already.
Little tip: use the k3vet kframe, it is mounted directly to the chassis without rubbers in between. You have to figure out which parts you should mix but the handling improves great.

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