KE headers 🤷🏻‍♂️

Im so confused which way i should go with headers lol

My options are the super circuit 4-2-1 and the 4-1 with both looking amazing or the max racing 4-1

The max racing is cheaper by a good margin, but the super circuit ones look great…and the 4-1 with the merge collector looks like it would be a good thing

Very keen to hear other owners views/opinions and some technical thinking behind the decision maybe?

Thanks in advance!!!


I understand the general Exhaust header theory to be:
4-1 higher rpm benefit, at the expense of low-mid.
4-2-1 mid-range rpm benefit, at the expense of high.

However, I recall Compact Motorsport did some testing and found negligible difference between some aftermarket at stock.

Having said that, it is your money / your car. They look cool, changes the exhaust note, is a mod that isn’t too difficult for a DIYer.

Based on the general theory, I went with the 4-1 as my Sirion is mainly driven on the track at higher rpm.


Yeah i have heard much the same, i assumed the merge collectors might be a bit better at scavenging but could be wrong

Maybe even less chance of cracking :man_shrugging:t2:

Wondering if anyone had any issues with the max racing as they’re considerably cheaper than the super circuit which usually means less quality :man_shrugging:t2:

And a lot of people seem to mention super circuit more often?

I once altered my 1973 Honda Civi 1200 with a set of 4 to 1 headers, a for performance-ground camshaft and a single Dell’Orto dual-barrel carburetor. The headers brought me plenty of low-end torque.
I also had an Opel GT which had a 4-2-1 exhaust. If there weren’t any scavenging advantages of a 4-2-1 system over a 4 to 1, I’m sure that Opel and others wouldn’t have bothered casting such manifolds. My suggestion would be to go with a 4-2-1

Of course, equal-lengthed tubing would be best


Looking at the pictures it seems the 4-1 would be the closest to equal length out of the two?

Yes, those on the upper right-hand side. Taping them will make them even more effective. Just out of curiosity, how expensive are these, compared to the others?

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Both super circuit ones come in at $345 USD delivered, so around $530 aud

Max racing ones are saying roughly $390-400 aud but depends on exchange from 1208 rm

Do you taping as in heat wrap? Ill be getting them ceramic coated as ive had many track cars run the black one and really like it

Am I to assume that the Malaysian headers are those where welded seams are visible? If so, I’d go with the seamless headers, assuring no restrictions through internal weld beads. Is the US dollar so expensive or is this price listed inclusive of shipping charges and import taxation?
Yes, I meant thermal taping. But, if ceramic coating is just as effective, then why not

Theyre all malaysian made

And its all inclusive to my door

So, one seller accepts Malaysia’s local currencey and the other demands payment in U.S. dollars?

Dunno about demands, but that was the message I received when i asked them yeah

They are direct via paypal, max racing is via their website

Over here, we can pay, using an international bank account number. This is even rquired, during domestic transactions: What Is an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and How Does It Work

Paypal has had consumer protection issues. I’ve even been involved in one of them, when I once placed an order from France through a Swiss bank. It’s been nearly two decades since I’ve ordered and I’m still waiting.
For us Daihatsu owners, ordering from Japan and Malaysia will seem inevitable. That’s why I’m asking

Yeah i get it, seems a lot of people run these headers (both brands) and only have good things to say so im not too stressed with these two companies

I forgot to mention, the headers on my Honda Civic ran down beneath the oil pan, before collecting into a single pipe, unlike those types currently available for our Daihatsus of which end at the stock exhaust pipe. I’m sure, somebody here could explain the advantages or even disadvantages of longer headers? Mine resembled the following:

I just bumped onto the following site, while attempting to find my old Honda headers:

Q: What are the different tubing options for headers and what is the difference between them?
A: There are two major designs for headers: the 4-2-1 design and the 4-1 design. In many cases 4-1 headers are designed for racing applications where the vehicle is being driven at or near redline. The 4-1 design maximizes top end power, whereas the 4-2-1 evenly distributes it throughout the power band…(common knowledge for some here, I’m sure)

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Id say it was mainly due to exhaust system set up from factory, to mimic it

Hmmm the 4-2-1 through the rev range sounds good, i dunno which way to go now lol

Perhaps, with custom-fabricated equal-lengthed 4-2-1-s? The video added to that site shows a 4-2-1 set where its 4-2 tubing appear to be equal in length to the 2-1s

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Alright, so in the end after much contemplation i went with the super circuit 4-1 headers

Price was a touch more, but the quality looking at pics was head and shoulders above the rest

Internal and external welded at the flange, no crazy angle ls straight off the flange, collector looks more legit…and went 4-1 due to the runners being continuous and itll be a hillclimb car so will be revved…also super prompt delivery! Out the door 30 mins after paying with pics of my headers, the packaging and even a happy delivery guy :joy:

Pics below are my actual headers, they will get ceramic coated once they arrive prior to install

And below are another brand, not bagging on them but that pipe fitment into the flange is pretty average…big gaps which will not help flow, and the far left runner comes off the flange at a decent angle pretty quickly, the Dc ones seem to run straight for longer before the bend

Again not crap by any means! But the super circuit ones just looked a lot better to me


[quote=“Lando, post:19, topic:6553”]…big gaps which will not help flow…[/quote]It’s dissappointing that these were left unfinished. Had you have chosen those instead, you would have had to weld these gaps shut. Only somebody attempting to save plenty of money and who would be willing to finish these would deem this set of headers to be feasable, if there was a sizable price gap between these and the ones you’ve ordered in the first place

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