Hello all!

Little did I know that with choosing my username in a second, I struck gold!

Being from Brabant in the Netherlands, Kei is a word rarely used outside of our province, usually used to exaggerate how you feel, like “super” excited.

Kei is off course also the small Japanese car.

Kei-Hard can be a play on “Die-Hard” as these things keep going.

So, after this stroke of genius, I bought a few cans of Montana Gold.

Below is my first can emptied… Also a sunstrip added


Once I saw the title pop up on the homepage I instantly knew it just had to be a Brabander.

Welcome fellow Brabander! Cool looking L5 :grin:


Keiharde naam gap! Welcome from an import Brabander. Love the two-tone.

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Welcome mate nice intro and love the mira!

Welcome! Car looks awesome!


I’ve been quiet a few days…

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t progress.

Received lowering springs, the car will probably drop 40mm.

Ordered a few odds and ends, Purple el-wire for the interior, which I modified. It runs on 3V, and I want to use the lighter plug to power it. So I had to convert it with a few diodes to step down the 5V from a USB lighter plug to 3V approx…

I am also thinking about extending the rear wing, but I can’t figure out if it’s glued on or bolted on. Haven’t really investigated tbh.

While stripping the interior I found mudspray on the inside of the boot. After ripping out the plastics next to the rear seat I found 2 holes, I van see the wheels from inside the car, and that actually stopped me from doing anything. I don’t have a garage so I’m waiting for a bit better weather to solve this setback.

I’m going to place a flip screen radio today I hope.

So as you can see, kind of all over the place right now…


Picked up some brandnew wheels last week.

12"x7 in the amazing PCD 4x110. Once they popped.up, I didn’t hesitate and drove for 4 hours in the Netherlands. And yes. That is ridiculous. At least for us Dutchies.


How did you drive 4 hours within the Netherlands!? Is that even possible without traffic?

Them rims looking fresh though. Very nice!


Built a splitter.

Made it from a front bumper for an Opel Combi :slight_smile:


What tyres are you fitting on the 12x7 wheels?

These names make you punch the air thinking “Why didn’t I come up with that?” Hahaha. Loving your mods so far, the two tone looks sweet!

Are these ITP Quad wheels? They look fantastic.